Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 in one day...

Say it isn't so! I must have missed blogging more than I thought. Actually i just received my copy of this.
I knew of course that it would not disappoint me. The last 3 issues have been fabulous to say the least. Well I was right. Another homerun by the ever talented Stephanie Ackerman!
If you have not gotten your copy of this beautiful mag go out and get yourself one. i promise you will not be disappointed!
I am going to write CK Media a little letter telling them they have made a huge mistake by not continuing on with this beautiful magazine!
On another note...
If you have not stopped by Terri's blog
she announced that Me and My BIG ideas was awarded
Vendor of the Year Award!
We are just beaming with pride over here at the office!All those long hours put in and hoops to jump through was all worth it!
To quote Terri
Mambi Rocks!
See you tomorrow!


christy p said...

I got that magazine a bit ago... love it and wish there were more coming!!! Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.