Friday, January 30, 2009

CHA recap

Hello My blog Friends,

* i need some help in adding a video. did it before but it isn't working this time. will have to wait until i get to the office on Monday.
It has been awhile and I am so sorry for lacking in my posting. The holidays came and went and when i returned to the office CHA was right on my tail. I had tons to do and I mean tons to do.

With that said CHA was this week and we had fun and i think overall it was a good show. It was slower than in the past but that was expected with what the economy is right now.

Steph and Rachel both posted some great pics of the booth and Paris Hilton made an apearance because apparently she likes to scrapbook she says she does it on the plane and she now has a line of scrapbook items...That's Hot!

I was lucky enough to do a video of our booth and our new releases. here it is. I want to add that my hair is not at it's finest. Curled it that day and now that I see it i need to wait until it gets a bit longer for that look. And, why didn't anyone tell me i needed lipstick!

Shelby and I also were able to see Jane Seymour. She is super tiny and looks pretty good.
I was able to hang with Jodi from Making Memories. She cracks me up and I only wish she lived closer so we could hang more. Love her!
I am going to admit something to all of you. One of the other reasons i was not posting was i am a bit addicted to facebook. I am going to have to balance both facebook and blogging. i love blogging and reading and posting so I am going to put my facebook addiction aside. It really can take up way too much time, Most of my friends are people I see everyday so why do I need to check it so often. Why i ask!

Off to wash the dishes. Stinkin dishwasher is broken. Memories of when I was younger. Grew up without a dishwasher. My mom didn't like the way dishwashers cleaned the dishes. Which strikes me funny because she didn't do the dishes I DID!

I am glad to be back!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ciao Bellas~