Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday...hands down! I love the smells, decorations, the colors, and of course the delectable food! I also love the anticipation of the season right around the corner. Christmas. I love Christmas but I really love the the weeks before Christmas. So needless to say I am very excited for tomorrow.
I am praying for all of you out there in blog land that you have a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. That you are able to sneak a moment to yourself and ponder on what you are thankful for and really appreciate what a wonderful world we live in!

I found this picture on this blog. I love the simplicity of it. Not to mention a great blog!

Here are a few things that I am thankful for:
*Fall like weather here in So Cal.
*supportive friends
*My family
*yummy vanilla coffee and creamer
*The Slice from my sweet friend Jodi
*pumpkin pie, latte and ooey gooey pumpkin cake
*inspiration from Blog land from people that don't even realize that they are inspiring!

What are you thankful for? Leave me a comment and you just may find yourself thankful for a little prize.
One more thing before I go.

Have you purchased this yet?

Lain's book came out this last week. A great little read. Link to her blog and go get a little snippet of her book. She is so stinkin funny! You will not be disappointed!
Also, this came out this week as well.
Not only a great read but a great not so expensive gift. Great for teachers, mailman, milkman, your barista, neighbors. If you live in Orange County give one to your non church friends with an invitation to join you for the service at Saddleback.
I have tons to and not a lot of time to do it all in.

Happy Thanksgiving dear sweet blog friends!


Monday, November 17, 2008

a busy checklist

I am going to do a bullet point check list of our weekend activities. it is the only way that I can really keep sane with all of the busy ness in our weekend.

*11:00 meeting at church- check
*race home for jaxon...minimum day
have i told you how much I loathe minimum days!
*pick up house-check
*get jaxon ready for a night of BMX racing-check
*get ready for Mission's last home football game- check
beat the pants off of Capo- check

*5:30 a.m. bake sugar cookies for baseball party-check
*help Ed hang stuff on walls-check
*decorate cookies into baseballs for party watch news on wildfires-check
*a Target run for secret sister gift and other needed household items-check
* take Mak to Mission for comp tonight(20 minutes away)-check
*come home and get ready to head to band and color guard comp-check
*wait for Mission to 10:00 PM!-check
almost fell asleep...Jaxon did!
*wait to hear results from comp-check
Sweepstakes BABY! Best Auxiliary! (which means best Color Guard, just figured that out and we have been coming to these comps for a year)
*in bed by 12:30 AM

*finish cookies and wrap them up-
oh wait no bags for cookies~ BOO that means no check
*3 loads of laundry-check
maybe a half check, all 3 loads are folded but not put away :)
*head off to party store and get coaches gift cards-check
*now wrap cookies, wrap gift cards-check
*get to 12:00 baseball game-check
*get to Ball Park pizza for party, make sure we are in the right spot-check
*give out coaches gifts and party favors for boys-check
*leave husband at Ball Park at 5:00 to fall on couch and RELAX!-check
*watch Desperate Housewives and get an update on fires-check
*fall into bed at 10:00 pm-a BIG FAT CHECK!

that makes me tired redoing it all over again.
Not one picture was taken...not ONE! I didn't have it in me to carry my camera around with everything else that was with me. I barely got me and the rest of the family out the door!

Now I will go home today after work and wonder why my house is a disaster. No time to pick up. That means a new week to regroup and start all over again! Gotta Love It! This crazy thing we call life!

Please keep southern California in your prayers as we are in Firestorm 2008. Seems to be an every year occurrence. My heart just breaks for those families that have lost their homes to the fires. And again the fires are under investigation. some lunatic just may well be responsible for all of it! I just really don't get that.

Happy Monday to all of you today!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

much needed attention

Today is my bible study day and lunch with the girls. This day I look forward to every week. It is my time to refuel and regroup. Mid week. So much going on right now. It has been hard to catch my breath at times.

So i am going to come home and attend to what I have been ignoring or at least doing the bare minimum. You know like not running out of underwear. Although i have been known to tell the kids to turn their undergarments inside out...not really but it has been a thought. Or maybe go commando.
so here is what I will be doing after lunch today

is this plant hideous or what. i am done trying to nurse it back. It ain't comin back. will be putting that in the trash today and finding a new pretty plant for that spot.

Lots and lots of laundry. I not only have every day laundry but the rugs need to be cleaned, curtains need to be tended to. Oh my so much laundry!

Last but not least...

Yard work. I love Fall. Love it. I hate leaves. I used to make fun of my MIL in regards to leaves. She never and i mean NEVER has a loose leaf on her yard. I now get it! Plus weeding needs to be done and there are some dead plants as well that need to be replaced.
I am going to put myself out there and probably not really going to get to the yard work but at least I know it needs to be done.

Here is a little sneak peek of a project I did a couple of weeks ago. Again with our cornucopia line. I just really love this line, The colors are FABuLouS!

A little hint a fake pumpkin, mambi cornucopia paper and embellishments and a little tacky glue and you might just be able to figure it out. :)

For you local gals there just might be a little news that I hopefully will be bale to tell you about after Friday. Her and I have something up our sleeves!

One more thing:

Let's all try to be thankful this month. After all, it is the month of Thanksgiving. No other time to be thankful for where we live, what we have, who is in our life and all the little things that add up to this great life.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day and a little of that and this

so today the kids are off...for the second day in a row! AAAAHHHHH!!! Today though I get why...yesterday not so much!
These days off are really a nuisance for the working Mom. Why is it they always plan their days off when I am working. I really have no room to complain because I do only work part time but since it is my blog and I can say what I want I will complain!

Don't forget to let your veteran's in your life know how thankful you are for going our there and fighting for our FREEDOM! Thank you sometimes just doesn't seem to be BIG enough!

Yesterday at Mambi we had a somewhat of a little Red Alert. Michaels needed stuff and it needed to be there ASAP! Those mock up girls needed some serious help so I was in the mock up room cutting and glittering, and whatever else that needed to get done so they could ship off what needed to be shipped off by 5:00 p.m. yesterday. We got it done and so today they can relax a little. Here are Jen and Mona working not so feverishly today.

Not the best pics of those two but they were being uncooperative! A little camera shy you might say. These girls work very hard and usually at a very fast pace because something always needed to be done yesterday. Hats off to the mock up gals!

A very dear friend Lain has a her first book being released this month. Lain is a contributing editor/writer for Simple Scrapbooks. I am sure if you have read that magazine you have read her work or seen her work!
Here is a link to get a sneak peek and preorder if you find you must have it! Which I know you will want to do. :)

Here is a little picture of the book.
From what I have already read from the actual book it is a must read! Lain is one of the funniest gals I know. This book will make a fabulous Christmas gift for that person who loves scrapbooking. All the little scenarios that take place because of the love of this hobby scrapbooking. You will seriously relate to all her stories! Go out and get yourself one and then pick one up for your friend! Plus who doesn't need a good laugh every once in awhile!
Alright I am off to get to work. Have yourselves a beautiful Veteran's Day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

just had to post another

i have been doing some blog surfing. wanting to see what everyone else out there is thinking and feeling since the big election.

i found this here I just happen to stumble across Elizabeth's blog from some other blog. You know how that goes. Great blog. Very thought provoking and she encourages comments. Read her comment rules though. She will kick you off the comment section if you are not nice. Although I know we are all nice. :) Great back and forth in regards to the family the Duggars. That family with 18 kids. Go read it. Good stuff!

this made me laugh out loud!!!! Seriously out loud belly laugh!
I wonder how long they would last before being voted off? What would their scores be? Oh the comments that Bruno and Carrie Ann would have for them! That just brings a smile to my face and little chuckles aloud.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

A Bit Depressed and Movin On!

I know that a lot of you are ecstatic about this

I am not. I am happy that we have crossed racial lines. That is wonderful. I am happy for all of you that finally can tell your kids that they can be anything they aspire and dream to be, even President of the United States! I get all of that. But this man SCARES me! Change is scary. Needed...Yes! His changes, just really not sure about those kind of changes. In his speech Tuesday night, not sure if anyone realized that he said we will have to make sacrifices. All I have to say is...OH Dear! I am giving myself one more day to be sad and then I will move on. I will be a respectful citizen. I will not throw hateful words at him. I will just PRAY. Pray for his family, his kids specifically, this country, and I will sit back and see what God has in store for this beautiful country!
Enough said!
This is a LO i made on Tuesday. Black and white paper is from our black and white specialty paper pad. Orange paper from Cornucopia paper pad. Halloween soft spoken. A little sewing, specialty scissors, ink and voila a Halloween LO!
Some of you are probably wondering has she forgotten, is she losing it. Pick a Winner dog-gone-it!
the winner of the Christmas line is....
Summer, Andy and Audrey has left a new comment on your post "Back to regular scheduled programming": You're back!! So glad you are!! And it looks like I'm the first to notice :) Love the recipe book.... great gift! Fave Halloween Costume memory: My college girlfriends and I really wanted some free candy, so at the last minute we put on old bridesmaid/prom dresses and really REALLY bad make-up and hair and went trick-or-treating in a wealthy neighborhood. We had no idea that the 3rd house we went to belonged to our college's dean. It's a small college, so he knew us!! We were shocked when he and his wife invited us in for dessert!!
Summer, send me your snail mail address and I will get it out to you ASAP!
patsy, are you wondering when you will get your stuff. I will get it to you tomorrow! sorry for the delay.
I also want to highlight a new blog from a really dear sweet person in my life. I cherish her friendship immensely! She is not so crafty in fact not crafty at all. What she is, is a fabulous writer and was an awesome speaker! Her family is hysterical! Love every one of them. Go check it out. I promise she will make you laugh. At least her pics will for sure!
gotta jet~
things to do,people to see, crafts to be made!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Go VOTE Today! Right Now!


It is our right.

VOTE because it is one of the most important elections of our lifetime

VOTE because women before us paid a high price to give us the right to VOTE

VOTE to counteract your friend, husband, family member, goofy neighbor

VOTE to get a longer lunch today

VOTE because your VOTE does matter

VOTE because I told you so

VOTE because there are a million other reasons and too long to list

Go out there and VOTE and take a friend!

Monday, November 3, 2008

So Tired...Thank God it is almost OVER!

We just came off one of the most hectic weekends we have had in a long time. PHEW!
First off we have Halloween. We celebrated at our friends the Acosta's. Good Times! We have just recently started hanging with this group of friends. We have met most of them through school. I will say this about them they are stinkin hysterical. I laugh so much when we are around them.
Here are a few pics from the night.

This is our friend Dave. He loves Halloween and scarying kids and ME! He would follow me around and it was FREAKING me out! Another reason why I really don't care for Halloween!

Group photo of the kids. Poor Alyssa was the only girl. She doesn't realize how lucky she will be when she is older and has all these boys at her back and call. The boys don't realize that she is going to be a knockout one day!
Which leads me to the best costume of the night...

Alyssa was a black widow. Her Mom did her hair and make up. She looked fabulous!

We then were up and off to football and then home to get ready to head to San Diego for a color guard competition and then a football tournament in Del Mar.

there she is twirling away. They won the Sweepstakes award for the second week in a row. Best band and color guard on the field that day and night! Rock On Diablos!

jaxon and his titan team. Wish I could say that they were just as good as his sister's team. At least they had fun. I've been told that is what it is all about. The kids having fun! Whatever!

We then headed back to Huntington Beach for our nephews 15th birthday. No pics of that. I was exhausted and pretty much pictured out!
Here is a cool pic of what we passed on our way down to San Diego.

They were doing some sort of training at Camp Pendleton on Saturday. I just marvel at how stinkin big those copters are. Really makes you stopped and think about our men and women overseas keeping us safe and sound. Thank you to those of you that sacrifice your husbands and family members for all of us!

Here is what a lucky winner will be getting sometime soon. Just leave me a comment on your favorite Halloween memory/costume and I will be picking a winner tomorrow!
One last thing,
Don't forget to get out there and VOTE tomorrow! If any of you are as smart as me you sent in your ballot via mail already! Hee Hee!
Get there early or go between the non busy times! I am not going to get political here, that will just open up a can of pun intended! I think they are all worms! Really though, it is our right to vote so why not take advantage of it. If you don't complaining, debating, arguing is allowed. That means you must keep your opinions to yourself. What fun is that. If you ask me who wouldn't want a good debate, argument!
I will just be glad when it is finally done...over. It is stressing me out all this mud slinging, protesting etc. I can't remember an election that has had so much contorversy and passion. I will say this. Must we be so disprespectful of our leaders? I know that it is ugly right now. Money, war what have you. But Bush is still President and if you ask me he should get our respect! What do we teach our kids by mud slinging and name calling. So not nice! Joy Behar of the View is the worst! I won't watch that show anymore because I can't stand the disprespect of our leaders. Get a grip people. Ooh I said I wouldn't get political. I am climbing off my high horse now!
Enough said!