Thursday, February 5, 2009

lots o' cards

Today I am going to post 3 cards that were made by Shelby here in the office. She takes care of all of our shipping. Making sure our product gets to where it needs to be in a timely fashion! She also loves to create like I do. She will sometimes show me what she makes and this time I needed to post them on the blog.

First card was made strictly from our fashion district line.
Second was done with our wedding soft spoken and the third from our modern milan line. I especially am favoring the wedding one. Great shower card!

On to other news...

Trying to get organized in my office. Going to tackle some cupboards that have been EXTREMELY ignored for a couple of years now. I am hoping to find some good stuff once I get them emptied. don't you love when that happens. You clean something out and you find some really great stuff that has been hidden in the depth of unclean closets. Almost makes it worth all the cleaning time you put in.

Here are some pics of the class that I taught at CHA.
I used the two mini albums (6x6 & 5x9) from the fashion district line and added some soft spoken from the same line. A little ribbon, inking and distressing Voila a cute little album!

I really LOVE the colors of this line. I used sepia toned pictures for this album. I am just learning the photoshop thing and the funny thing about those pics is they're all different sepia tones!


I am so stinkin intimidated by photoshop. If any of you out there would like to teach me and can teach in a very simple way feel free to call me! I am so envious of all those pictures that look fabo and come to find out they photo shopped them with certain actions & extras! ugh!

Did you know that the best time of the year is right upon us??? Can you guess???
Oh maybe not to all of you out there but next to football season it ranks right up there oh I am going to say they are dead tied. Guessed yet??

That is correct my friends...Baseball season!
Jaxon was drafted onto the Long Beach Dirtbags this season. Love the name! Get it dirtbags?? For you non baseball there any? They are named for the bases...diret bags get it??
A little baseball trivia.
Anyhow, if you are still reading and are interested. Pregames start in just a a week or so. Games start beginning of March. I have got my spiritwear ready, my heater ready, seeds bought and am biting at the bit to get on the field! Call me crazy!

Now not to play favorites of the kids, Makenna is starting her second year of winterguard. This is where color guards perform to recorded music in gymnasiums. She is now in Open Guard which is much more intense. 25 hours of practice in 4 days. That is right 25 hours! that was just 4 days of her practice schedule. We are so proud of her and though sometimes she wants to quit I know that she would miss it.
She has her first performance this weekend and we are ready!

Here is the thing. Some Suezi, trivia if you will...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE and would put more LOVES but you all might call and think I am crazy but LOVE competition. It makes me happy. Everything about it. The practices, the accomplishments on and off the field, gym whatever or wherever you are competing, the winning and even the losing. Although I hate to lose, it comes with competition and we must all learn how to lose and grow from it.
Now with sports you can scream, encourage, yell and not look to kooky. In a color guard comp you can't really yell all that much. Plus their performances are only 10 minutes long. Fast!

I am not saying I prefer sports I just think it is the yelling that I like better and for longer periods of time. Does that make sense?

It really doesn't matter because watching my kids in anything makes me happy and sometimes makes me cry! Weird and freakish...i know!
Okay I have babbled enough and need to get cleaning.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Show pics

I forgot to post the few pics i took at the show.
Stephanie looking quite intently at one of her make and take customers.
Jane Seymour was there to promote a floating canvas for some company. she is really pretty and a tiny tiny thing. Shelby loves her and was a crazed fan! We also took a pic of Shelby with this strange man that was Jane's marketing director or something of the sort.
Last is a cool display from one of the booths at the show. I really like all the different takes on the same project.
all in all a great show and the Mambi booth was rockin as usual!

Can it be February???

Oh my Heavens what a game yesterday!! Winning touchdown in the last 35 seconds!!! So flippin exciting. Each team deserved to win that game. Bummer it was the Steelers but I am very happy it was an awesome game! Water cooler talk is all about the Superbowl this morning. What did you think of the commercials? I can't really say I enjoyed them. I think they are building up to much expectation and they are not living up to that expectation. don't get me wrong a few were funny others not so much. What is up with and their "enhancement" commercial? Can you say... TRASH!

On to better stuff,
We have now entered the month of LOVE! Poor February. For one it is a short month, sometimes gets an extra day but only every 4 years, for California usually our wettest month. Credit card bills are coming in from the holidays so not alot of spending going on and time to tighten up the hatches. What this month does get is LOVE and lots of it! I saw an interview on the View with oh now i forgot what actress but she said that Valentine's Day is being geared more towards the kids. I might have to agree with her. Although I have kids and am not single so I don't really know how true that is. What do you think?
I have a a cute project that was super easy peasey and a lovely layout to show you.

Love the colors. Both really easy to do.The great thing about the layout is I used scraps and old embellsihments. With the way the economy is we must all go to our scrap bags, tables, drawers wherever you store your goods and start using up all the stuff that you buy and then somehow never use.It is amazing what you will find at the bottom of a drawer. You may have looked at it over and over. Wanting to save it for something special. We all have a scrapbook store with tons of "new" product feet away from us. Just start going through it all and put it to ggod use.
The candy bag took minutes to make. Great teacher gift, or if you are feeling like you want to tackle these for valentine's for the class...Go For IT!

Here are some pics of a couple of ornaments that I made for the holidays. sorry for the lateness of them. Knowing you crafty girls out there you will be able to use those ideas and run with them during the year!

Off to start creating for the month of LOVE! Spread some LOVE today! You will be surprised how it warms your heart!
Ciao Bellas~