Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun at Mambi

Last week Linda and I were able to teach an awesome class to some of our Mambi employees. It was a birthday calendar book.
Since we only had a limited amount of kits it was whoever signed up first was able to come. We had a sold out class. We had 30 people sign up. Every one from the graphics department, accounting department and even the warehouse department signed up for the fun.
Linda taught the class since she had taught it before. I was not working there when the class was originally taught. She did a great job. We made water bottles and wrapped candy bars for each guest. It looked like an actual class when they walked in. Fun for them to see what we actually do when we do teach at the trade shows.

Doesn't it look like they are having fun??!!! I was quite impressed with everyone. They all did really well for most of them not being of the "crafty" type. We did not have one major faux pas. Not one...which is unusual. They all made great students.

Here they are with their finished products!

Such a great group of people!! I am telling you I have the BEST job!!!
On another note,
Christmas is fast approaching. Started baking. Here are some of the yummy goodies i have made thus far! Thought I had a picture but I don't. hmnmm...
Have most of the shopping you? Wrapping to do, cleaning to do, more baking, and i have to finish up the kids shopping. Are they getting more expensive these days?
Here are some pics of our first Christmas celebration. We celebrate early with my Dad and Step Mom.

Let the festivities begin...

singing Christmas Carols together "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!" Santa is here...Santa is here!!

I am going to leave you with the best picture i have taken this season so far.
Is that classic or what!! Love that dog.

Well, i better get, got lots to do and not alot of time to accomlish it in!! Remember to take time to look at the decorations and not to forget why we celebrate this time of year. As they say.."jesus is the reason for the season!"

Monday, December 10, 2007

too long gone and a long post because of it


How time flies during this time of year! I wanted to post so many times last week and I just couldn't get to it.
I am probably going to ramble on so if you are in a hurry come back another day and visit.
My dear friend Monica and I had our annual cookie exchange party this past Saturday.

We both look forward to it every year.She was most excited because she moved down to Carlsbad into a beautiful home and she was introducing her new Carlsbad friends to her dear Trabuco Canyon friends. She said she felt like it was Christmas when she was a kid! This is one of the many reasons I love her!
Here are some pictures of the grand event!

dear sweet friends <3

the new Carlsbad friends

I hope they know how blessed they are to get the most awesome family in the neighborhood

The whole crowd. Still missing a few of us. We actually had a good part of us driving from up north so some of us were late. You know how it is trying to get out of the house and by less.

the pile of ornaments. it is amazing how we get when it is time to go around to pick our ornament. There is no love lost if you have an ornament that someone else wants. It is all fair in love and ornament exchange time!

i forgot to flip the picture. here is the table of cookies waiting to be taken home and eaten! We actually had a good group of cookies this year. This year we gave away prizes for the most original etc.
That was a big hit this year!it is funny some years we have lots of pregnant Moms and this year we had lots of babies.
Such a great morning to spend with dear friends to connect with each other during what can be a very hectic month for us Moms. I love these women and am so blessed to have them in my life. They have made my life SO RICH!

We definitely had a fabulous time and Monica out did herself this year! Another party under our belts! Can't wait until next year.
Still trying to not get too crazy during these last few weeks before the "BIG" day. I am starting to feel the crunch time...are you??
I also have been working on some projects and would love to show you but I can't just yet. Bummer!
Made some cute teacher gifts. I will post those later. Oh and some really cute stuff for some gifts and I would post those but then certain ones would see what they are getting. And that is no fun!
Well, I am off and running. need to get stuff done here at work!
I am praying for the Christmas season to fill all of you out there and for some what we say in our family "Elvis" parking spots! I know here is a good way to spread some Christmas cheer give up your "Elvis" parking spot to someone else! Wouldn't that make someones day!!