Friday, November 30, 2007

The BIG Game and the fun we had

For those of you that are into college football i am sure you are excited for the big game...USCvs.UCLA!

Here at the Gurzi household we can't wait to beat the pants off of the Bruins. So in honor of this weekend Dave at mambi and myself a couple of weeks ago put into play "Operation Trojan"!

We decided we needed to decorate Stephanie's office becuase she is now a Bruins fan. Why you ask? Her son Tyler just signed with UCLA for baseball. He is a talented ball player and I have seen this young man grow from an adorable baby into a very strong character, handsome young man. I am one of many that are very proud of him but...UCLA...Tyler you are killing me!!

Onto "Operation Trojan". Last night Dave and I gathered our supplies and this is what came about.

Is that great or what!!!!! I can't wait to see her face and her reaction. Dave did mention that paybacks are a b----! I really think that it will be worth it though.

We did manage to recruit some helpers and they will remain nameless. They are innocent players in this scenario and only out of the goodness of their hearts did they help us.

Can't wait for the game tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy Busy!

Not sure what happened but I am sure it is not me the computer genius that I am!! :)
Have been trying to post for the third time.

I am going to try and post pictures of an advent calendar that I just finished. Love it! I have wanted to make one for a couple of years and just never had the patience to get it together. Since I work at a place where my job is to create and i have all the resources at my fingertips i thought I would give it a whirl!! The one I really want to do is from Teresa McFayden and if I knew how to get the link on her name i would but you can look to the left sidebar and get the link there.

Here is the finished project. I used only mambi product (meandmybigideas) except for the numbers and the chipboard stars which i covered with mambi paperand the little turn mounts. If you want a tutorial on it email me and I will send you one.
Here are close up pictures of the header and the numbers

This advent calendar is a RAK calendar. Under the numbers are little reminders or kind gestures if you will to persue on others. Like, bake cookies for your neighbor or pay the toll for the car behind you. Get it?? We often get so busy during this time of year and I figured why not spread goodwill towards men..women.
I also want to make one with empty matchboxes and fill them with goodies for the kids. We will just have to see if I get that one done. I might be biting off more than I should right now.

I also made this blessings journal. Again with all mambi product. Super simple. Covered a journal with paper and added some of our softspoken. Love our soft spoken. It really does all the work for you and makes your projects look beautiful without alot of work or money for that matter!My idea for this book was for everyone on Thanksgiving to write something they were thankful for in 2007. I forgot!!! With all the hustle and bustle in the kitchen it slipped my mind. Oh well, maybe next year.
I am off to get things done for tomorrow. I have bible study here at the house and I need to clean up not to mention doing the bible study!

Monday, November 26, 2007

catching my breath

Wow!!! Thanksgiving has come and gone!! Wanted to post and tell you all the things I am thankful for and I missed that! With our computer still MIA it is hard to post.
Thanksgiving was awesome!! the turkey was the best! My brother Don said it was the best turkey he has EVER moist! Two years ago I lused martha Stewart's recipe with the brinig and all and it was horrible. Dry and a pain in the butt. This year I just rubbed it with herbs and butter on top and under the skin and put apples, lemons, celery, carrots, and onions in the cavity and it was FANTABULOUS!
We had 2 of my brothers and their families over and as always we had a superb time. My Grandma from Florida is here visiting for the holidays. It is always a blast to have her around. She is a kick in the pants. So thankful for so many things. So blessed!!
I hope that all of your holiday celebrations were wonderful and you all were able to take some time to enjoy the moments.
Christmas is up and going. Makenna and I got up early and were off by 7:00 a.m. to get to the great deals out there. We did manage to pick up some good stuff at Kohl's and at the mall. We made it to our annual Cheesecake Factory lunch. Yummy! So fun to spend some time with her just the two of us. Wish i could post some pictures but I don't have my camera with me her at work.
I still need to post some pictures of the projects that I am working on. I will bring my camera tomorrow and get those up.

I am trying not to get to crazy this year and bogged down with all the details of Christmas this year. I know that I keep saying that...I am hoping that reminding all of you will then in turn remind me. You can definitely tell that the Christmas season is here with the extra traffic and packed parking lots. My goal is to smile at least twice a day at some random person. You never know, it may just bring a smile back at someone somewhere down the line. I don't know I am such a dork!
I better get back to work..get those projects done so that I can post them! You are going to LOVE one of them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

the most wonderful time of the year...bah humbug!

Okay I am usually the one that is an early bird when it comes to decorating and everything else that involves Christmas. This year...Not So Much!

I don't know what it is but this early decorating is getting on my nerves.The lights on all the trees around town,the garland everywhere I look, I even was switching radio stations around on Friday and one of our local radio stations is already playing Christmas songs

Now let me tell you this someone put me in my place this weekend... BUT GOOD!

I was complaining and basically being a very big bah humbug and was telling Ed that I wish this year we could just skip right over December and make our way into January. Well, Jaxon my 10 year old in all his wisdom says Mommy, " we then won't be able to celebrate Jesus' birthday and isn't that what Christmas is all about?" Not just Santa but the reason we are here?" Ugh! Now did i feel like the biggest failure of a mother. Isn't it I that tells him all Christmas season long that the presents are great, Santa is awesome, the parites even better but we must not forget to celebrate with JOY the Birth of Our Lord and Savior? Yes it is. How did I get so callous? So early?

Soooooooo, I am going to fake it until I make it as the saying goes. I will put on that radio station with the Christmas songs, I am bringing out the decorations on Friday and I am going to bake with zealous this weekend. I also am going to try and not let all the preparations bog me down and take a few minutes every day to remember WHY we celebrate this beautiful Christmas season.

I am putting it out there to all of you. Remember why we celebrate. Take some time to remember and to take off your bah humbug hat and put on your beautiful Christmas hat!

Here is the "wise one" Jaxon last year when we went to Balboa Island.
Thanksgiving is this Thursday, so take a moment to Thank someone that you usually don't think of. Could be your barista at Starbucks or the car wash guy or maybe the bank teller. Let them know you appreciate them. Just a little kindness goes along way.
I will post pictures of 2 projects I am working on this week. One is just fabulous if I say so myself!

the most wonderful time of the year...bah humbug!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

yeah pictures!

i finally am able to post some pictures.

these are some of the projects that have kept me busy at work. Everything I used is from mambi's new Christmas line. Love it! Both of these projects took no time at all. Also, very inexpensive. t
The JOY banner would make a great teacher gift.

here are a couple of layouts using my favorite bling bird. I loved him from the beginning. One layout is of Makenna and one is of Stephanie's daughter, Kayla. I can't believe that they are 14 years old. They both are beautiful girls if i do say so myself!

These pages were done with our newest collection...Sanctuary! Beautiful colors, great soft spoken, and rhinestones that are incredible!

Lots of exciting stuff going on at work. Wish I could divulge but then you know what they say... I would have to kill ya! Hopefully will be able to let you in on some cool stuff soon.
On the home front busy as all get out. another crazy week. Jaxon's football team is in the playoffs. And Mak has her last competition. Kinda nice that we are winding down. Just in time for the holidays! Yippee!
Have a mahvelous day my friends!

Monday, November 12, 2007

lots of curve balls this last week

Haven't posted in awhile and that is because our computer which is only a year old has died! To throw salt in our wounds on top of that the store in which we bought it from has gone out of business in Orange County. They now only have stores up north...which means we have to wait until they ship us a box ship it back to them and then figure the problem out and fix it. We were told a "few weeks". If any of you are like me when it comes to computers I know just enough to be dangerous! Ed and I are crippled without it. You don't realize how much you depend on it. Luckily Jaxon's basketball coach is a computer wiz and is downloading our hard drive for us. Because, yes, we did not back anything up...NOTHING! You'd think we would have learned our lesson that first time with our last computer...NOPE. Hard learners I guess. Which means I can't post pictures until I bring my card reader to work.
The same day our computer broke my car had some issues nothing too serious but enough to stress you out. That was also my birthday gift...a lovely water pump! Don't even know what it looks like but I guess I should be grateful. My car won't overheat and I can now tell how fast I am going be it that my speedometer is fixed too.

Well, on the football front, Mission lost to Tesoro in a very good game but very disappointing game. What is about referees???? I swear somebody from Tesoro paid them off. There was something like 7 personal foul calls one of which cost us our touchdown that we scored. Enough of that. Makenna's team looked fabulous. They performed at the Band of Americas on Saturday and took 6th out of 20. Not bad. She is winding down her season and it has been quite an experience for all of us.

Another crazy week for us. I will hopefully have some pictures of some of the projects I have been working on at work. We have some great Christmas paper and embellishments. Trying to get in the spirit. I have to be honest not really into it this year. Maybe I should put on some Christmas music. That might help. What do you do when the bah hum bug feeling is taking over. what puts you in the Christmas spirit?


Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Love of Football continues


Okay, for my birthday... which is 4 days...and just so you know I love to celebrate all month. So never worry if you have forgotten because really you have all month!
Okay, back to the love of football. Ed got me tickets to the USC game this weekend. We went with my brother Chuck and SIL Trina.
We had great seats but never saw them. We were in the Health Net hospitality tent courtesy of our friend Mike Sigal and his wife Lisa. We were able to eat and drink and the best part of all go down on the field for the pregame.
did you get that GO DOWN ON THE FIELD! I am going to tell you it was almost too much too handle. I will put it into a scrappers perspective. When you go into a scarpbooking store you have never been into or maybe a tour of a sticker manufacturer and you heart is pumping and you think you have died and gone into scrapper's heaven that is what it was like for us. Maybe not so much for Trina. :) Definitely for Chuck, Ed and I. maybe not even Ed. I don't know. I am going to say the pictures don't even describe the colors, the excitement, the energy, the spirit. It just gives you glimmer of the experience. The word that comes to mind for me is dedication. Dedication of men, women, young men and women, older men and women. Another words...EVERYONE that loves their teams. the bodies of the players are unreal! they are GINOURMOUS! Toned, Sculpted. The spirit of the fans is AWESOME! Let me say this some of them are truly hurting today and nursing some pretty big hangovers...but they love their team! The coliseum is huge. I will never know what it is like to have 80,000 people cheering and rooting for you. Again...Dedication!

Here are some pictures. I hope you can get just a little bit of what we felt!

the students

my crazy brother Chuck playing with the yell leaders signs.

the band coming on the field. can you feel it?

the team getting fired up! Chuck and i wanted to join them. wonder if they would have noticed?

the band performing. does anyone know the name of their hats?there is a certain name. leave a comment with your answer and there might be a little prize for you.

the man of the hour..Pete Carroll. Love him.

well that's it.

what are you dedicated to? Dedication can be anything. To your family, to your hobby, to your team. What is is that makes you want to do better, do more, be the best? think about it? you might be surprised!