Monday, November 12, 2007

lots of curve balls this last week

Haven't posted in awhile and that is because our computer which is only a year old has died! To throw salt in our wounds on top of that the store in which we bought it from has gone out of business in Orange County. They now only have stores up north...which means we have to wait until they ship us a box ship it back to them and then figure the problem out and fix it. We were told a "few weeks". If any of you are like me when it comes to computers I know just enough to be dangerous! Ed and I are crippled without it. You don't realize how much you depend on it. Luckily Jaxon's basketball coach is a computer wiz and is downloading our hard drive for us. Because, yes, we did not back anything up...NOTHING! You'd think we would have learned our lesson that first time with our last computer...NOPE. Hard learners I guess. Which means I can't post pictures until I bring my card reader to work.
The same day our computer broke my car had some issues nothing too serious but enough to stress you out. That was also my birthday gift...a lovely water pump! Don't even know what it looks like but I guess I should be grateful. My car won't overheat and I can now tell how fast I am going be it that my speedometer is fixed too.

Well, on the football front, Mission lost to Tesoro in a very good game but very disappointing game. What is about referees???? I swear somebody from Tesoro paid them off. There was something like 7 personal foul calls one of which cost us our touchdown that we scored. Enough of that. Makenna's team looked fabulous. They performed at the Band of Americas on Saturday and took 6th out of 20. Not bad. She is winding down her season and it has been quite an experience for all of us.

Another crazy week for us. I will hopefully have some pictures of some of the projects I have been working on at work. We have some great Christmas paper and embellishments. Trying to get in the spirit. I have to be honest not really into it this year. Maybe I should put on some Christmas music. That might help. What do you do when the bah hum bug feeling is taking over. what puts you in the Christmas spirit?