Friday, November 30, 2007

The BIG Game and the fun we had

For those of you that are into college football i am sure you are excited for the big game...USCvs.UCLA!

Here at the Gurzi household we can't wait to beat the pants off of the Bruins. So in honor of this weekend Dave at mambi and myself a couple of weeks ago put into play "Operation Trojan"!

We decided we needed to decorate Stephanie's office becuase she is now a Bruins fan. Why you ask? Her son Tyler just signed with UCLA for baseball. He is a talented ball player and I have seen this young man grow from an adorable baby into a very strong character, handsome young man. I am one of many that are very proud of him but...UCLA...Tyler you are killing me!!

Onto "Operation Trojan". Last night Dave and I gathered our supplies and this is what came about.

Is that great or what!!!!! I can't wait to see her face and her reaction. Dave did mention that paybacks are a b----! I really think that it will be worth it though.

We did manage to recruit some helpers and they will remain nameless. They are innocent players in this scenario and only out of the goodness of their hearts did they help us.

Can't wait for the game tomorrow.



mama rama (GO BRUINS) said...

Dave is right! Payback is a b****!!!
I can't tell you how good you got me. I had no idea! And now, I have to work ALL day in Trojan h***.
I must say kudos to some very creative work! You outdid yourself...REALLY!
Remember, I know where you live. :)

annie a. said...

That is quite a fun little trick there! Mannie was extremely disappointed that day.......aren't blue and yellow so much better together though? Really!? Your friends party sounded fun!