Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Love of Football continues


Okay, for my birthday... which is 4 days...and just so you know I love to celebrate all month. So never worry if you have forgotten because really you have all month!
Okay, back to the love of football. Ed got me tickets to the USC game this weekend. We went with my brother Chuck and SIL Trina.
We had great seats but never saw them. We were in the Health Net hospitality tent courtesy of our friend Mike Sigal and his wife Lisa. We were able to eat and drink and the best part of all go down on the field for the pregame.
did you get that GO DOWN ON THE FIELD! I am going to tell you it was almost too much too handle. I will put it into a scrappers perspective. When you go into a scarpbooking store you have never been into or maybe a tour of a sticker manufacturer and you heart is pumping and you think you have died and gone into scrapper's heaven that is what it was like for us. Maybe not so much for Trina. :) Definitely for Chuck, Ed and I. maybe not even Ed. I don't know. I am going to say the pictures don't even describe the colors, the excitement, the energy, the spirit. It just gives you glimmer of the experience. The word that comes to mind for me is dedication. Dedication of men, women, young men and women, older men and women. Another words...EVERYONE that loves their teams. the bodies of the players are unreal! they are GINOURMOUS! Toned, Sculpted. The spirit of the fans is AWESOME! Let me say this some of them are truly hurting today and nursing some pretty big hangovers...but they love their team! The coliseum is huge. I will never know what it is like to have 80,000 people cheering and rooting for you. Again...Dedication!

Here are some pictures. I hope you can get just a little bit of what we felt!

the students

my crazy brother Chuck playing with the yell leaders signs.

the band coming on the field. can you feel it?

the team getting fired up! Chuck and i wanted to join them. wonder if they would have noticed?

the band performing. does anyone know the name of their hats?there is a certain name. leave a comment with your answer and there might be a little prize for you.

the man of the hour..Pete Carroll. Love him.

well that's it.

what are you dedicated to? Dedication can be anything. To your family, to your hobby, to your team. What is is that makes you want to do better, do more, be the best? think about it? you might be surprised!



stephtulla said...

That looks like a great time...even though it was a USC game because you KNOW that UCLA is a MUCH better school!!

Happy birthday month Suezi!!!