Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Favorite Pastime

Monday night we spent our evening doing something that I LOVE!! Football!!! Now for those of you who know me this is no surprise. For those of you that don't...I love everything about football. The game, the spirit, the food, the people. I really wish that I could have played when I was younger. I always wanted to take someone out and then get pumped up about it. I know a little twisted. I just love that sound it makes when the pads hit! AWESOME!

My daughter Makenna is a freshman this year and she made the color guard team at her school. I don't know who was more excited about her making the team me or her. You see this meant that the Gurzi's were now going to be spending our Friday nights out at the lights...Football Games!!!

Here are a few pictures of the game on Monday.

the captains go out for the coin toss. love the holding of hands. when will you ever see teenage boys holding hands???

the drumline bringing out the team.

this guy makes Ed and I laugh everytime he runs by and barefoot no less. Really fast!!!! The crowd goes wild for him and his flag!

a great play!

and then of course why we go to the game in the first place. Our beauties as we Moms call them. Makenna would kill me if she knew I used this picture but it is not that easy to get a good picture when you want to watch the whole show. So this will have to do. She is lucky enough to be on an award winning team. They travel everywhere. It has been such a blessing to watch her grow in the sport yes i said sport. They are at the school almost more than the football team! It has been quite and experience for her and us. Ed and I miss her tons. She is never home and when she is she is planning something or going somewhere.

Enjoy those little ones. They grow up so very fast and you will be surprised how soon you will start talking about driving tests, colleges, dances, etc. It is almost too much to handle.

Well, we are off to celebrate Halloween. Be safe out there!

Here is a little craft that I made a couple of weeks ago because I was tired of my same old Halloween decorations.