Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little eye candy for you

This Mom can hardly hold her excitement in because as you can see FOOTBALL is right around the corner. Tackle football no less! I have been waiting for this year since, oh I don't know, we found out Jaxon was going to be a boy! You think I'm kidding...I AM NOT! Football is my very favorite sport to watch. Something about kicking somebody's butt on the field and not getting in trouble just appeals to me. I know I know I probably need some serious counseling, I already knew that. It really isn't just the actual playing of the sport. It is the whole kit and kaboodle. The band coming out on the field, the drumline, the National Anthem, the cheerleaders getting the crowd revved up for their team, the fans, even the stinkin announcers! I love the energy about the whole game! If you ask me nothing better. Now I get to cheer my boy on to get in there and kick some booty! Oh my goodness I just can't wait. We will be in football mode for weeks months even. I am getting butterflies in my belly just thinking about it.
I love pictures of teams with their backs to us and names on jerseys.

Walking into the first practice. He wasn't even nervous just excited! I was too. Ed and I stayed to watch for about a half hour. I told Ed what is there to watch at this point?? But before we knew it a half hour had passed and we really didn't want to leave but we had things to do other than staying there for 3 hours! Love it!
On to the eye candy!

Here are some pictures of some of the projects I have done in the last couple of months. The layout above is for our calendar kit that will be coming out soon. It happens to have one of my favorite pics of my kids from last summer. It is a great calendar kit. Pick one up at Michaels.

These next next few pics are from the box kit that I did for the make and take at CHA consumer show this past week. A 10 minute project start to finish. Everything I used came in the kit except for one soft spoken sheet. I did not ink, distress, or add ribbons. Very easy to do for the beginner scrapbooker. Some of the gals at my table were saying speed scrapbooking at it's best!

This is the front cover. Again no inking or any added elements. Just strictly what came in the kit and the added soft spoken. Oh and some cardstock.
I did decorative punch one page to give them an idea of what they could do with it once they got home.

What I really like about this box kit is that you can make a mini album and put it back into its' original box and wrap it up for a gift. We have them at Michael's of course. You could also check with your LSS to see if they carry them as well. There a few different kinds. Love, baby boy, baby girl and of course "A Kid Like Me". Not sure if any of you know or have seen that we brought back our original stick kids in honor of Mambi's 10 year anniversary! Can't believe that it has been 10 years!
Gotta jet
Ciao Bellas~

Monday, August 3, 2009

to blog or not to blog...

that is the stinkin question I have been asking myself for months. I really enjoy reading other blogs...A LOT! Maybe too much sometimes. :) I wish it was easier to upload pictures. for some reason that is a complete chore to me. My friend Shelly gave me a few tips so I will try that. I also feel like I don't have a lot to talk about and sometimes get redundant on my kids activities. I have heard from a few of you and you all say otherwise so I am going to continue on with the blog for now and see how it goes. Here is a card that I made for Renee's wedding shower. I used our black and white wedding paper pad. I love that paper pad. It is how can I say... glorious! It has a couple of transparent papers in the collection as well. I made a little pocket for the gift card inside. Simple and pretty darn easy. I love the look of the satin ribbon. It says "wedding" all over it!

At the office we were at the CHA-summer show last week. It was held in Florida. I had no idea it rained SO much in Orlando. YUCK! We stayed at the Peabody hotel. They are known for their cute little ducks. They hang out at this fountain all day and then they have this Duckmaster and I might add he is a little creepy looking that takes them back to their "Duck Palace" for the night. Interesting. People go gaga over these ducks.

When we are at trade shows we do get to have some lovely dinners. So I took a picture of our desserts. They were fabulous! I wish I would have taken a picture of our "patronitas" at our first dinner. It was just girls for this show and we were treated to a dinner at the Capital Grille. If you have never heard of it check it out. It was quite the dining experience. Our patronitas were to die for. I love me my margarita. This one did not disappoint! Had to have two! Needless to say we girls had a great time!

The show was busier than we thought, which was good. The best part was the Scrapbook Royalty event and the CHA consumer event. Both were pretty packed. I ran a make and take at the consumer show and ran out of my 130 kits! At the Scrapbook Royalty event I was reacquainted with two women that recognized me from taking a class of mine 9 years ago at an event in Orlando! How funny is that! Too bad they didn't say man you have lost some weight...LOL! That was fun to meet them again. Scrapbooking is so funny that way. You really get to know people on a more deeper level and you just take off right where you left off. I really am in a wonderful industry and I hope it continues to bring people happiness!
I am now ready to tackle getting ready for the next event...Scrapfest! And guess what Jaxon is getting involved in tackle football and this Mom cannot be anymore excited about that! So for sure you will be hearing about that! As for Makenna she is starting her online driving today, the excitement for that is not so much. That just freaks me out. One that she is old enough to be driving and two, she is DRIVING! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Gotta jet my friends. If you have continued to check for blog updates, I thank you and if you are new to my blog...Welcome!
Ciao Bellas~