Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am stopping by quickly to wish you all a very safe and Happy New Year! This time of year always gets you thinking about the past year and things you would like to change,choices you wish you would have made differently.
I am so thankful for so many things.
My husband
My faith
my kids
my work
my creativeness
so many more things i could go on and on.
With the way this world is going right now, economically, wars, sickness it would be so easy to focus on the negative and roll up in a corner and put a cover over my head and rock back and forth. But, I am going to focus on what we have and it is so much! I am also going to make some changes both physically and mentally. Oh, i say that every year...this YEAR will be DIFFERENT!
Okay I am off be safe and I will sign off with what I tell my kids almost everyday
"make wise choices"
See you in 09!
with pics! :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I wanted post real fast and let you all know that I am so grateful for my blog friends. I promise to be better at posting this next year!
Still finishing up last minute wrapping and a little gift purchasing as well. Not sure why i am so late this year. Might it have something to do with being on a BUDGET...Yes!
I pray for all of you out there to have a wonderful Christmas season with your friends and family. Blessings to all of you for 2009!
If you are local and want to hear a great Christmas message head to Saddleback Church. Or if you aren't there will be a service on Fox News channel tomorrow.
I am done with the office and celebrations and off to Old Navy and then home to get that family and head on over to the in laws.
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dec. 4th and lots to say

I can't believe it is December 4th! I am slinging through the Christmas shopping list little by little. We have knocked off a few this year only getting the kids (which i don't really enjoy to be quite honest) so I should be done with my shopping pretty quick!

I wanted to post this before Turkey Day but totally forgot and to top it off forgot to take pictures of everyone on thanksgiving in order to put in my mini book..Yes I am a dork! I wanted to take a picture of everyone that day and then each page would be journaling on why I am grateful for them.

I love the cover. I made the flowers with this little diddy that my awesome friend Jodi sent me!
If you don't have one of these I suggest you run to your nearest Michaels or LSS and get yourself one or give it to your scrapbooker sister, friend, wife for Christmas. It is awesome! (what is it about that word that I love so much)
Back to the mini book. Did a little doodle for inside and then I will embellish and take those pictures and finish it up.
I made all the pages and cover in about an hour and a half. Super easy!

Here is another present I just received a few minutes ago. Terri just returned from Hawaii and in her travels once again goes to an unbelievable beach and it is nothing but sea glass. In fact, she tells us that the sand wasn't really sand in reality it was all sea glass. It was once a dumping station back in the day. I want to say WW2 but I might be wrong about that. Needless to say I was quite envious and pretty much not happy for her finds. Was in her office with Stephanie and was letting Terri know how much I was envious I might have even called her a rhyming word with witch. :)
I am happy for her but she has bottles of sea glass and I can count my sea glass on two hands. some of you may be thinking this is just weird why so into this sea glass thing. Well I didn't really get it until I found my very own sea glass. It is rare and some of it is just the hunt itself.
Anyhoo, back to my story. Are you tired of reading yet?
Terri walks into my office with this

She filled up a little box with some of her treasures. How flippin sweet is that!!!! This definitely made my day. It is not even Christmas yet and this might just be my favorite gift thus far!

One more thing...
If you have not visited this blog The Pioneer Woman I suggest that you do. She is a great writer, very witty.She calls her husband the Marlboro Man and if you remember him he just may well be the Marlboro man.She lives on a cattle farm and all that they do in their everyday life is so foreign to me. I love reading her blog. Her blog is a daily read for me. She is a farmers wife that was once a big city girl. She also has great gardening tips and wonderful recipes. I made these yesterday and then were pure goodness!

I believe that they are called French Breakfast Muffins. They are rolled in melted butter and then cinnamon sugar right out of the oven. To Die For! They would make a great neighbor gift in a basket with some coffee beans and mugs.
I am off to start designing some things for work. But before I go, for you local girls.
Saddleback Church is hosting for the first time a craft night. It is called

We are setting up the whole Refinery for just us crafters. We will have room for scrapbookers, knitters, quilters, etc. If you want to bring your Christmas cards and get them done do that. If you just want to come and socialize with all your friends and meet new friends you can do that too! Come in your jammies, come how you want. There is going to be yummy food too! Can't beat that. The cost is 10 dollars and you can pay that at the door. No need to sign up just come! We are also offering classes. ( that is an extra fee of 10 dollars) Moi will be teaching a Christmas frame. If you haven't had a chance to check out the Refinery this is your perfect chance.
There is more info at Stephanie Ackerman's blog. go check it out. If you read my blog and you make it there tomorrow night please stop by and say hello! Make sure you bring a friend!
That is all I have for right now. Oh no it isn't. go check this out too. Freckle Friends is having Merry Days all month long. I will be doing a prompt for them this month as well.
I better go lots going on and it is already 11:00 am. Oy Vay!

Monday, December 1, 2008

First Day of December

Wow! December 1st! Shall I say let the "Games Begin" or "Ready, Set, Go!"
I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day or if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, just a great Thursday!

As planned ate until I was very and I mean very uncomfortable! 2 helpings of yams and pumpkin pie! Pretty much rolled home and woke up still full! A very successful Turkey Day. This year we did something different. We went bowling. I am tired of sitting around after we eat and watching football. I am not a real big fan of Pro football. I prefer college ball. So we went and had a great time.

This is my nephew Cameron with Ed. Cam wanted to beat Ed so badly. He missed by just a few pins. The winner was my brother in law Dan and guess who came in second...Yeap that would be Me and (my mother in law). This is one sport that Ed can't seem to beat me at. He beats me at everything else but not bowling And guess what I don't let him forget it! Not just by one pin either... 132 to 118! LOVE IT!
We decided that we will make this bowling thing a tradition. Gets the food moving down. If you get my drift!
Since Ed and Jaxon went motorcycle riding for the weekend,Makenna and I got up early and hit the stores. We also went to Laguna Beach and Fashion Island for the day.
It was a glorious day down at the beach. We certainly are blessed where we live. Here are a few pics.
Mak and I had a great weekend together. Hard to find something to do with a 15 year old girl without spending a ton of money. We did stop here and had some of these.
This picture is so stinkin funny because I was asked to not take anymore pictures after this shot. Why I asked myself?? I don't get that. Whatever. At least their cupcakes are delicious! Worth the $3.25 for each cupcake!

I am putting on the finishing touches of my Christmas organizer. I used an accordion file, covered it with paper and then added chipboard inserts covered with paper for each file. I am going to try and be very organized this year with my shopping receipts, thank you cards etc. Hopefully this will help.

My hope for this year is that I can take some time to enjoy this beautiful time of year and soak in as many memories and blessings as I can!

Ready, Set, Go!