Monday, November 19, 2007

the most wonderful time of the year...bah humbug!

Okay I am usually the one that is an early bird when it comes to decorating and everything else that involves Christmas. This year...Not So Much!

I don't know what it is but this early decorating is getting on my nerves.The lights on all the trees around town,the garland everywhere I look, I even was switching radio stations around on Friday and one of our local radio stations is already playing Christmas songs

Now let me tell you this someone put me in my place this weekend... BUT GOOD!

I was complaining and basically being a very big bah humbug and was telling Ed that I wish this year we could just skip right over December and make our way into January. Well, Jaxon my 10 year old in all his wisdom says Mommy, " we then won't be able to celebrate Jesus' birthday and isn't that what Christmas is all about?" Not just Santa but the reason we are here?" Ugh! Now did i feel like the biggest failure of a mother. Isn't it I that tells him all Christmas season long that the presents are great, Santa is awesome, the parites even better but we must not forget to celebrate with JOY the Birth of Our Lord and Savior? Yes it is. How did I get so callous? So early?

Soooooooo, I am going to fake it until I make it as the saying goes. I will put on that radio station with the Christmas songs, I am bringing out the decorations on Friday and I am going to bake with zealous this weekend. I also am going to try and not let all the preparations bog me down and take a few minutes every day to remember WHY we celebrate this beautiful Christmas season.

I am putting it out there to all of you. Remember why we celebrate. Take some time to remember and to take off your bah humbug hat and put on your beautiful Christmas hat!

Here is the "wise one" Jaxon last year when we went to Balboa Island.
Thanksgiving is this Thursday, so take a moment to Thank someone that you usually don't think of. Could be your barista at Starbucks or the car wash guy or maybe the bank teller. Let them know you appreciate them. Just a little kindness goes along way.
I will post pictures of 2 projects I am working on this week. One is just fabulous if I say so myself!


Cheryl McCarley said...

Oh girl, I know how you're feeling! It is coming quickly, remember, TG is early this year. I think that's why we're not ready for it. Put on that music girl and sing!! And I'll sing too! Can you hear me?
Happy Thanksgiving Day!