Monday, February 2, 2009

Can it be February???

Oh my Heavens what a game yesterday!! Winning touchdown in the last 35 seconds!!! So flippin exciting. Each team deserved to win that game. Bummer it was the Steelers but I am very happy it was an awesome game! Water cooler talk is all about the Superbowl this morning. What did you think of the commercials? I can't really say I enjoyed them. I think they are building up to much expectation and they are not living up to that expectation. don't get me wrong a few were funny others not so much. What is up with and their "enhancement" commercial? Can you say... TRASH!

On to better stuff,
We have now entered the month of LOVE! Poor February. For one it is a short month, sometimes gets an extra day but only every 4 years, for California usually our wettest month. Credit card bills are coming in from the holidays so not alot of spending going on and time to tighten up the hatches. What this month does get is LOVE and lots of it! I saw an interview on the View with oh now i forgot what actress but she said that Valentine's Day is being geared more towards the kids. I might have to agree with her. Although I have kids and am not single so I don't really know how true that is. What do you think?
I have a a cute project that was super easy peasey and a lovely layout to show you.

Love the colors. Both really easy to do.The great thing about the layout is I used scraps and old embellsihments. With the way the economy is we must all go to our scrap bags, tables, drawers wherever you store your goods and start using up all the stuff that you buy and then somehow never use.It is amazing what you will find at the bottom of a drawer. You may have looked at it over and over. Wanting to save it for something special. We all have a scrapbook store with tons of "new" product feet away from us. Just start going through it all and put it to ggod use.
The candy bag took minutes to make. Great teacher gift, or if you are feeling like you want to tackle these for valentine's for the class...Go For IT!

Here are some pics of a couple of ornaments that I made for the holidays. sorry for the lateness of them. Knowing you crafty girls out there you will be able to use those ideas and run with them during the year!

Off to start creating for the month of LOVE! Spread some LOVE today! You will be surprised how it warms your heart!
Ciao Bellas~