Monday, February 2, 2009

Show pics

I forgot to post the few pics i took at the show.
Stephanie looking quite intently at one of her make and take customers.
Jane Seymour was there to promote a floating canvas for some company. she is really pretty and a tiny tiny thing. Shelby loves her and was a crazed fan! We also took a pic of Shelby with this strange man that was Jane's marketing director or something of the sort.
Last is a cool display from one of the booths at the show. I really like all the different takes on the same project.
all in all a great show and the Mambi booth was rockin as usual!


annie said...

Thanks for the pics....loved the candy project and lo for valentine's day....glad you are you know that you have a commentary going by james earl jones on your blog? just checking. i know that valentine's day has totally changed for me....used to be about me, me, me and what mannie can do for it is about celebrating the love in our family and yes, how to make it special for the kiddos!

Our Tribe said...

Love the board with all the different homes.
WISH I was crafty.


Anonymous said...

cold ya at least photoshop in some at least some gloss???

Anonymous said... is me choking myself with that long arm!!!