Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to regular scheduled programming

So it has been a month and a week since I last posted. I would sit down to type and say hello to you all and it just wasn't in my energy to get anything out. I would think about all of you in blogland and know that some of you were getting frustrated with no new post. I know I get pissy when my regular blogs I visit don't post. Why? I don't know. I look forward to catching up so to speak. But did that make me post a new post...NOPE!
It has been a little stressful around the Gurzi household. I won't bore you with details but life just happens and you have to sometimes just punt and see where the ball lands.

Let's see football season is well on it's way and with that brings a very busy schedule for us. Practices, practices, and more practices! Makenna has started her competition season of Color Guard and they have already placed first TWICE! so stinkin proud of her and her whole team! They work their butts off so this is very well deserved! In fact, I will go out on a limb and say they work harder than the football team! God knows they are at that school longer than any other sport!
We are off this weekend for a flag football tournament and a color guard performance in San Diego. A jam packed weekend! Looking forward to it!
As far as work goes this for me is a catch up time here at the office. time to clean up, get organized. Who am I kidding...haven't organized nothin!What I do need to do is start thinking about my CHA winter class here pretty quick.
Here is a recipe book that I made for Michael's few months back. All out of chipboard and then covered with our Cornucopia paper and lots of cornucopia soft spoken.
I love this project. The colors are Fabulous! Each page has a pocket so that you can add recipe cards every year when you get new recipes! Yummy!
These next two projects were made for us from Adrienne and Irene. They will design things for us when we need them to. They are the best!

Are they not the most cutest things EVAH! All cornucopia soft spoken and paper from cornucopia paper pads. Wreath and glittery banner thing amajig from Michaels! I so love the banner!!!! It has been hanging in my office for months. I am going to be very sad when I have to take it down. It just makes me happy. Which is funny in itself. Why you ask?? I loathe Halloween. Never have liked it not even as a kid. I hate dressing up! HATE IT! I consider myself a pretty fun person and this is where my fun stops. I mean really dressing up?? for what? I just don't get it! I do love the little ones coming to my door. Now that is priceless. Just don't ask me to do it. I have boycotted Halloween parties for years. For my friends that want to have a Halloween party don't feel bad if you don't invite me. I won't feel bad RSVP'ing NO! hee hee! Enough of that silliness!

I am off to Jaxon's class party. I am the official class photographer. I have to tell you I feel a lot of pressure with this job. Not sure why?? Give me room mom duties anytime over this. hmmm... i do have issues, don't I? Maybe this is why I haven't blogged lately all my issues!
Anyway, here are the goodie bags I made for his class.
I got the idea from here.
I love this website. Great teacher gift ideas, party ideas, etc. Bookmark it and refer back to it. You will not be disappointed!
I am going to run a contest so that I can get some regular viewers back. I am sure some of you have given up on me. Always check back because you just may miss a great giveaway!
In honor of Halloween, post your favorite Halloween costume adventure. Be it your child or your self I will pick a winner on Tuesday. How does some beautiful new Christmas paper and embellishments sound??
That is all I have and I gotta jet! Have a great weekend with the families. make wise choices out there if you do go to a Halloween party and go through the candy lots of weird emails going around about stuff in the candy this year! Weird!


Summer, Andy and Audrey said...

You're back!! So glad you are!! And it looks like I'm the first to notice :) Love the recipe book.... great gift! Fave Halloween Costume memory: My college girlfriends and I really wanted some free candy, so at the last minute we put on old bridesmaid/prom dresses and really REALLY bad make-up and hair and went trick-or-treating in a wealthy neighborhood. We had no idea that the 3rd house we went to belonged to our college's dean. It's a small college, so he knew us!! We were shocked when he and his wife invited us in for dessert!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Suezi. You who loves an awesome pair of the highest of healed dress shoes doesn't like dressing up! Hmmm...I would have never taken you as an anti Halloween party kind of gal. Hey, we all have to draw a line somewhere! You won't find me dressing up anytime too soon!

Patsy said...

Woops! Forgot my name! I'm the anonymous one.

Jodip12 said...

Hey lady...Love seeing your are so funny! So MAMBI just hired one of our pepes! Crazy...I said where are you going...she said have your heard of Me and My Big Ideas...I said...What the hell!...I love those girls!!!!!!!Are you kidding me...Do I know MAMBI....So love ya...when you meet the new girl, give her a hard time from me:)

mary grace said...

found you via rachel.simonsen -- love your stuff! :) the only memorable halloween for me was the time that we were out trick-or-treating with my family (i was probably 6 or 7) and we experienced an earthquake as we were walking down the street. fun times! :)

NanaBeth said...

Got to be meeting my boytoy hubby!
Sure enough on Halloween-I swore I would never marry again unless I could get me a long-haired, tatooed ,truck driver-and there he was!

NanaBeth said...

Oh the costume-silver spider webs on black stocking, silver short shorts with black spiderwebs, and a white shirt-they had black strobe lights at the bowling alley!

jacqui said...

When we were looking through pictures for the slideshow at our wedding my husband and I discovered we were both bunnies the same year. We were about three and he was in California, with me growing up in Illinois. So fun to think we were both loving that bunny rabbit Halloween, miles apart and years before we would meet!

Berenice said...

Hi Suezi! Nice pictures! My favorite costume was a pumpkin, I remember my mom made that costume for me when I was a child :)
Now look at my little pumpkin
My little pumpkin
Thank you for the chance to win :)

A. R. said...

Glad you are back! My favorite memory was when I wore a fairy custome, I had a great time & a lot of nice candies :)

Alyssa said...

My favorite Halloween memory is actually not mine. My friend lives a few doors down from me and she is VERY pregnant. Well, this years costume was purple and gauzy, and supposed to be kind of medival looking. Let's just say that it was a bad idea. We both got a good laugh out of that one!