Monday, November 17, 2008

a busy checklist

I am going to do a bullet point check list of our weekend activities. it is the only way that I can really keep sane with all of the busy ness in our weekend.

*11:00 meeting at church- check
*race home for jaxon...minimum day
have i told you how much I loathe minimum days!
*pick up house-check
*get jaxon ready for a night of BMX racing-check
*get ready for Mission's last home football game- check
beat the pants off of Capo- check

*5:30 a.m. bake sugar cookies for baseball party-check
*help Ed hang stuff on walls-check
*decorate cookies into baseballs for party watch news on wildfires-check
*a Target run for secret sister gift and other needed household items-check
* take Mak to Mission for comp tonight(20 minutes away)-check
*come home and get ready to head to band and color guard comp-check
*wait for Mission to 10:00 PM!-check
almost fell asleep...Jaxon did!
*wait to hear results from comp-check
Sweepstakes BABY! Best Auxiliary! (which means best Color Guard, just figured that out and we have been coming to these comps for a year)
*in bed by 12:30 AM

*finish cookies and wrap them up-
oh wait no bags for cookies~ BOO that means no check
*3 loads of laundry-check
maybe a half check, all 3 loads are folded but not put away :)
*head off to party store and get coaches gift cards-check
*now wrap cookies, wrap gift cards-check
*get to 12:00 baseball game-check
*get to Ball Park pizza for party, make sure we are in the right spot-check
*give out coaches gifts and party favors for boys-check
*leave husband at Ball Park at 5:00 to fall on couch and RELAX!-check
*watch Desperate Housewives and get an update on fires-check
*fall into bed at 10:00 pm-a BIG FAT CHECK!

that makes me tired redoing it all over again.
Not one picture was taken...not ONE! I didn't have it in me to carry my camera around with everything else that was with me. I barely got me and the rest of the family out the door!

Now I will go home today after work and wonder why my house is a disaster. No time to pick up. That means a new week to regroup and start all over again! Gotta Love It! This crazy thing we call life!

Please keep southern California in your prayers as we are in Firestorm 2008. Seems to be an every year occurrence. My heart just breaks for those families that have lost their homes to the fires. And again the fires are under investigation. some lunatic just may well be responsible for all of it! I just really don't get that.

Happy Monday to all of you today!


ScrapHappy said...

Wow, you are a crazy busy woman!!!
Thinking of you in this scary wildfire time. :(

Summer, Andy and Audrey said...

I received my HUGE MAMBI prize you gave me. Thanks so much!!! Everything in it is AWESOME... but possibly cursed :) I dropped my camera (broke the lens) while juggling the box, camera, drink and toddler at my feet. Good news is hubby already ordered me new lenses for Christmas. Bad news is there won't be another surprise gift under the tree for me now :) Thanks again for the SWEET prize!!