Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Bit Depressed and Movin On!

I know that a lot of you are ecstatic about this

I am not. I am happy that we have crossed racial lines. That is wonderful. I am happy for all of you that finally can tell your kids that they can be anything they aspire and dream to be, even President of the United States! I get all of that. But this man SCARES me! Change is scary. Needed...Yes! His changes, just really not sure about those kind of changes. In his speech Tuesday night, not sure if anyone realized that he said we will have to make sacrifices. All I have to say is...OH Dear! I am giving myself one more day to be sad and then I will move on. I will be a respectful citizen. I will not throw hateful words at him. I will just PRAY. Pray for his family, his kids specifically, this country, and I will sit back and see what God has in store for this beautiful country!
Enough said!
This is a LO i made on Tuesday. Black and white paper is from our black and white specialty paper pad. Orange paper from Cornucopia paper pad. Halloween soft spoken. A little sewing, specialty scissors, ink and voila a Halloween LO!
Some of you are probably wondering has she forgotten, is she losing it. Pick a Winner dog-gone-it!
the winner of the Christmas line is....
Summer, Andy and Audrey has left a new comment on your post "Back to regular scheduled programming": You're back!! So glad you are!! And it looks like I'm the first to notice :) Love the recipe book.... great gift! Fave Halloween Costume memory: My college girlfriends and I really wanted some free candy, so at the last minute we put on old bridesmaid/prom dresses and really REALLY bad make-up and hair and went trick-or-treating in a wealthy neighborhood. We had no idea that the 3rd house we went to belonged to our college's dean. It's a small college, so he knew us!! We were shocked when he and his wife invited us in for dessert!!
Summer, send me your snail mail address and I will get it out to you ASAP!
patsy, are you wondering when you will get your stuff. I will get it to you tomorrow! sorry for the delay.
I also want to highlight a new blog from a really dear sweet person in my life. I cherish her friendship immensely! She is not so crafty in fact not crafty at all. What she is, is a fabulous writer and was an awesome speaker! Her family is hysterical! Love every one of them. Go check it out. I promise she will make you laugh. At least her pics will for sure!
gotta jet~
things to do,people to see, crafts to be made!


Patsy said...

I'm praying, too!

Summer, Andy and Audrey said...

WOO HOO! I won!! Thanks Suezi!! I peeked at Stacie's blog... love the cartoons. So, so true. And the halloween Gangstas.... GREAT costume and photo :)
What's your email so I don't have to post my address for all to see?.... I'm kind of a big deal... don't want stalkers. HA!

susan said...

I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm scared too. I also believe in supporting your president and being respectful. I am saying lots of prayers.