Thursday, November 6, 2008

just had to post another

i have been doing some blog surfing. wanting to see what everyone else out there is thinking and feeling since the big election.

i found this here I just happen to stumble across Elizabeth's blog from some other blog. You know how that goes. Great blog. Very thought provoking and she encourages comments. Read her comment rules though. She will kick you off the comment section if you are not nice. Although I know we are all nice. :) Great back and forth in regards to the family the Duggars. That family with 18 kids. Go read it. Good stuff!

this made me laugh out loud!!!! Seriously out loud belly laugh!
I wonder how long they would last before being voted off? What would their scores be? Oh the comments that Bruno and Carrie Ann would have for them! That just brings a smile to my face and little chuckles aloud.
Enjoy the rest of your day!


ScrapHappy said...

That is too funny!
Hey, I'm sitting here rocking out to your play list -- great stuff, chica!