Monday, November 3, 2008

So Tired...Thank God it is almost OVER!

We just came off one of the most hectic weekends we have had in a long time. PHEW!
First off we have Halloween. We celebrated at our friends the Acosta's. Good Times! We have just recently started hanging with this group of friends. We have met most of them through school. I will say this about them they are stinkin hysterical. I laugh so much when we are around them.
Here are a few pics from the night.

This is our friend Dave. He loves Halloween and scarying kids and ME! He would follow me around and it was FREAKING me out! Another reason why I really don't care for Halloween!

Group photo of the kids. Poor Alyssa was the only girl. She doesn't realize how lucky she will be when she is older and has all these boys at her back and call. The boys don't realize that she is going to be a knockout one day!
Which leads me to the best costume of the night...

Alyssa was a black widow. Her Mom did her hair and make up. She looked fabulous!

We then were up and off to football and then home to get ready to head to San Diego for a color guard competition and then a football tournament in Del Mar.

there she is twirling away. They won the Sweepstakes award for the second week in a row. Best band and color guard on the field that day and night! Rock On Diablos!

jaxon and his titan team. Wish I could say that they were just as good as his sister's team. At least they had fun. I've been told that is what it is all about. The kids having fun! Whatever!

We then headed back to Huntington Beach for our nephews 15th birthday. No pics of that. I was exhausted and pretty much pictured out!
Here is a cool pic of what we passed on our way down to San Diego.

They were doing some sort of training at Camp Pendleton on Saturday. I just marvel at how stinkin big those copters are. Really makes you stopped and think about our men and women overseas keeping us safe and sound. Thank you to those of you that sacrifice your husbands and family members for all of us!

Here is what a lucky winner will be getting sometime soon. Just leave me a comment on your favorite Halloween memory/costume and I will be picking a winner tomorrow!
One last thing,
Don't forget to get out there and VOTE tomorrow! If any of you are as smart as me you sent in your ballot via mail already! Hee Hee!
Get there early or go between the non busy times! I am not going to get political here, that will just open up a can of pun intended! I think they are all worms! Really though, it is our right to vote so why not take advantage of it. If you don't complaining, debating, arguing is allowed. That means you must keep your opinions to yourself. What fun is that. If you ask me who wouldn't want a good debate, argument!
I will just be glad when it is finally done...over. It is stressing me out all this mud slinging, protesting etc. I can't remember an election that has had so much contorversy and passion. I will say this. Must we be so disprespectful of our leaders? I know that it is ugly right now. Money, war what have you. But Bush is still President and if you ask me he should get our respect! What do we teach our kids by mud slinging and name calling. So not nice! Joy Behar of the View is the worst! I won't watch that show anymore because I can't stand the disprespect of our leaders. Get a grip people. Ooh I said I wouldn't get political. I am climbing off my high horse now!
Enough said!


Berenice said...

Hi Suezi! Nice pictures! My favorite costume was a pumpkin, I remember my mom made that costume for me when I was a child :)
Now look at my little pumpking
My little pumpkin
Thank you for the chance to win :)

Robin said...

I am a BIG scaredy cat. I am not a huge fan of Halloween. My favorite memory was winning a Halloween contest at my elementary school. My mother made the coustume. I was a tube of Crest toothpaste. The picture still brings a smile to my face.

Jenn said...

Great photos Suezi !!!! I absolutely remember my favorite halloween costume/memory ..... ok my mom now has arthritis and cant use her hands much anymore, but she was always a knitter/sew-er/dollmaker, etc ..... WELL , i just about loved Strawberry Shortcake back in the 80s , and she made me the most amazing Strawberry Shortcake costume !!!! YOu shouldve seen the huge hat , just like the one she wore , i will always rememeber that costume !!!! Now i want to ask her for a photo of it and scrap it !!!! LOL ...... Thanks for having us remember . Hope you enjoyed your weekend :)

Jenn Z

ScrapHappy said...

Fun stuff- thank you for sharing all those photos!
My favorite Halloween memory was about 8 years ago when Kinsey was just born. Ben (then 2.5) dressed as Batman, and my mom made a tiny Robin costume for Callie. Very cute! I was Catwoman, and my hubby was Mr. Freeze.