Monday, August 11, 2008

Medal Count and she's Home

I decided that I will give you updates of the games for the next 17 days. Just in case you missed something because I did not!

Medal Count for the USA
total count 12

We are behind China by 2. They have 9 gold medals though. :(
Did any of you catch this event???

Fr those of you that don't know what race caused this reaction from Michael Phelps it was the 400M relay race. We won the gold in one of the most exciting races I have ever seen. We literally beat France by hundredths of seconds. A blink of an eye! Michael is on a run to be the first to win the most gold medals in an Olympic game. He needs 8 gold medals. He has 2 down. Let's not forget the bodies on this swimmers...hubba hubba is all I will say about this. Forget the fact that some of them could be my child! Yikers!!
Okay one more pic..did you catch this event?

Men's basketball against China. great game..we won of course. Although Yao Ming gave us a pretty good run for our money. Note the name change of Yao Ming in my last post I called him Ming Yao.
Women's gymnast qualified for the team events. Not without some mistakes. Still looked pretty sharp though.
Love Love Love these games.

Are you wondering who is home???

My Mom is home!
You see my Mom and Dad moved to Utah about a year ago.My Dad's company moved their main office to Salt Lake City. So now they go between their home in Park City and their home in Orange. I don't really like it but it is what it is. On the bright side of things we now have
a home in Park City that we can visit and get some great skiing in!
Soooooo, Mom is home for about 3 weeks. Even if I don't see her too much it s nice to know she is not far! How funny am I that I am 43 years old and still need my Mom!
Mom's are th greatest aren't they???
We,meaning my side of the family were all together to celebrate my niece Rylie's first birthday. We were at the beach. Fun times. Great to see all the cousins playing together. I will post pictures of those later in the week!
gotta jet.
probably should get to work!