Friday, September 5, 2008

NO blogger award here!

Okay so for some reason I am not getting to this blog. I really have no real great reason other than been school shopping, beachin it with the family, bbq's, 50th birthday celebrations, baseball, (yeap you see that right baseball), football, color guard, oh yeah and maybe this might be a good reason...
Okay blogger is not letting my download pictures.
I will just have to tell ya..
Flat tire on the toll road. Unfortunately I cancelled our AAA. At this point I can't remeber why I did that and will be signing up again for it! this meant Jaxon and I spent about 3 hours dealing with that fun little adventure! Luckily our friend just happen to drive by and saw us. Thank Goodness! I loathe car issues!
If you could have seen my yesterday I was doing the happy dance! Why you ask...SCHOOL STARTED! Yippee! Not that I don't love being around my kids but as they get older they seem to cost me a fortune during the summer! Plus I seem to be a referee more often as well! Makenna is ecstatic to start and I can't believe she is a sophomore! Yikes! She has been at the school all summer with Color Guard but she wants to see everyone! She called me during lunch and I could hear the excitement in her voice. I totally remember being like that! Here is a little mom advice...make your kids get involved in school! I am telling you it makes a HUGE difference! Ed and I were involved and we both loved high school! Those that weren't hated high school! Plus the memories you will have are priceless!
Jaxon started 5th grade and we have a little bit of an issue with his class this year. 4/5 combo class. Yuck! We are in the process of meeting with the principal and getting him out. Other than that he loves his school as well. We really are so blessed to live in an area with awesome schools and that our kids love school.
I did have time to do a project and a page. I will post pics later when blogger is cooperating!
I bet your thinking what about the contest!!!??? I am going to post pone it until next week. So what that means is you get an extra week to thing of your favorite summer memory and leave me a comment!
I will pick on Monday I promise!


Patsy said...

Two of Rae's best years in elementary school were both combo years. A K/1 combo for first grade and a 5/6 combo for fifth grade. I dreaded her going into the K/1 and she dreaded going into the 5/6, but they turned out great. Who knew? Just a little food for thought in case you aren't successful in your mission to transfer Jaxon out. Good luck to you!

jen t. said...

my favorite summer memory is going to a house we rented with practically our whole neighborhood in tow for a week and fishing and crabbing and going to the beach everyday.when we wre younger...and no one cared if they had to share a bed or sleep on the floor...cause our vacations were just too fun!! thanks for a chance! jen t. (