Thursday, August 14, 2008

a sunset and a layout

I will start off with the Olympic update


Gold- 10

Silver- 9


Total medal count- 34

We are behind China by 1. Yesterday we were ahead of China by 1. So we are flip floppin everyday.

Another great exciting day in the swimming arena. Lots of records being broken by numerous individuals.

I will have to say the biggest jaw dropper was the win for James Blake straight sets to beat Roger Federer.


Freakin awesome!

Our girls gymnasts really struggled the other night. Those girls are powerhouses!!

Did you happen to watch the weight lifter that popped his elbow out and is out! His very first Olympics and he is out. Was attempting to lift 363 pounds. Just don't really get that sport but still fun to watch. The faces they make are hysterical!
Here are two pics that represent team work to me. Love It! I wish I could find some pics with a parent and their athlete.

Alright,alright i will move on. I am sure some of you are not as excited as I am about the Olympics...Shelby. :)

I actually was able to get 2 layouts done today.

Today I was inspired for the "Friends" layout by my outfit I was wearing today. My top had circles on it. My earrings were circles and my necklace was circles.

I love the look of the palm trees on the "beach" layout. There were palm trees on the paper and then I added a palm tree chipboard sticker for a layered effect.
Renee is having a giveaway on her blog. Go check it out! She is giving away product that has been open from all of us and then we put it into a box never to be used again. We try and use it but it never fails the one sticker or sheet of paper we need has been used. So what she has decided is to pass our box of opened product onto you. When I read this on her blog I told her that I would add to her pile. there is a string. Once you receive your goodies you must post what you have done with some of the goods.
Here is what we say last night on our way to Wal Mart yesterday. Love a sunset like this. It always reminds us of Hawaii.
Just beautiful!

gonna go start dinner. sometimes i really hate making dinner. I love to entertain but not really make everyday dinners. Doesn't make sense really. Plus for the OC it is humid! I hate HUMID!

if any of you have quick fast everyday dinner ideas let me know.



Patsy said...

Buy frozen cheese ravioli, put it in a baking dish, fry up your favorite italian sausage on the stove, put it on top of the ravioli, buy your favorite jar of italian sauce, put it over the ravioli and sausage, top with the already grated mozerelli cheese, bake for 30 - 40 minutes at 375, and you have what I call the lazy woman's version of lasagna! While it bakes you can wash the frying pan, put out the plates and enjoy some family time. Watch the Olympics!

Patsy said...

I had to leave another comment. You were looking for parent/child Olympic pictures, did you watch gymnastics last night? Nastia and her father/coach were adorable. The pride in his eyes when they announced her as the gold medalist....priceless!

suezi said...

i so agree with you. I will have to find that picture and post it.
i am also going to try your recipe this weekend!

christy p said...

Well hello there! I am totally into the Olympics as well. Glad to see someone else is! I saw some of your crafty guru-ness in a magazine recently...(Steph's) Do you think maybe you could send some of that crafty genuis-ness over my way? I never come up with enough original ideas! Love the layouts you posted on your blog too.... Hope you have a fabulous night!

PamperingBeki said...

My favorite quick dinner is breakfast burritoes.

Scrambled Eggs

If I have potatoes, I'll fry one and throw it in. Sometimes bacon or sausage too. Top with sour cream if I have it.

Serve it with chopped fruit. :)

Jenn said...

Oh i love those layouts and that photo is gorgeous !! im all about the photos and wanting to know how to use my camera and photoshop lately ! LOL ....