Tuesday, August 26, 2008

finally some time

Alright Alright i will get back to regular schedule programming!

I guess I just needed some down time. Not to be tied down to anything.
It has been 12 days since my last real post
Here are 12 things that have been taking up my time.

1. this was fantastic!
It really made me think. I went in knowing who I was voting for. Not that it changed my mind it only solidified it that much more. But I tell ya that Barack is very charming, warm, smart, and convincing
2. this guy and all the other competitors

Were any of you as tired as I have been staying up late to watch the Olympics?? Thank goodness they are over! I will miss them though!
3.Boxes upon boxes

Been keeping very busy at the office getting ready for Scrapfest!
for you non scrappers...this is a huge consumer event in Minneapolis.
My office is consumed with boxes of product, kits, trash and whatever else!
4.this of course

beach time with family and friends. summer is coming to end for us and I am going to miss it. The weather this year has been awesome! We finally just this week had to turn on our air conditioner! wouldn't you know it starts to heat up right when school is to start! Poor kids!


trying to do 2 layouts a week. I have the finished one on the left and one in progress on the right. Really I am 2 behind! ugh!
6.Just plain ol' cleaning the house
7. carpooling has begun. Makenna has started band camp with the color guard so she is gone from 8am until 9 pm. so proud of her and how she stays so dedicated. Not that it hasn't come with the grumpiness! We are trying not to engage!
7 thru 12.
Just not motivated to blog! Ran out of things to say i guess??
In honor of me coming back into the blog world I am going to have a little giveaway! You heard me right a giveaway. I haven't done one in awhile and the other girls here at Mambi are pretty good about giving things away so now it is my turn!
On Monday I will give away some of our newest line...
Maybe even a new paper pad???
Here is what you have to do
In the comments let me know what has been your fondest memory this summer! I will be picking late afternoon on Monday.
If you do leave a comment remember to check back in case you win.
I am also going to think of a challenge to start posting on this little ol' blog. have any ideas??
I really like the OLW blog.
Maybe something like that. I also like Lauren's idea of 52 pages in 52 weeks...hmmm...

I am going to have to put some thought into this.

Alright gotta go start pulling paper and kitting!

Ciao Bellas~


krista said...

thanks for the giveaway :) my favorite summer memory was our family beach trip to a central cal beach called cayucos!

Anonymous said...

My favorite summer memory having my grandson go with us to Palm Springs. First mini vaca with the grandson. It was awesome!!! wish it didn't have to end!!


Patsy said...

I've spent the summer with a broken, then operated on, then casted up ankle. It hasn't been to "fond" of a summer. But my camo cast equipped with rhinestones and ribbons got a lot of compliments, and my new walking boot (even though I'm not walking) is bedazzled and ready to go. I am very fond of my supportive family who have been trying very hard to take care of me and our house, but the look on their faces when the doctor said "three to four more weeks of crutches"...well let's just say it was....priceless!

Serena said...

glad to see u back. my favorite summer memory this year is definitely having my nephew spend 3 weeks with me. i love that he is still at the age where he enjoys spending time with me. we did it all -- disneyland, california adventure, beach, park, knotts, wild rivers, universal studios, movies, etc. we had such a wonderful time, but wow, am i tired!

Shawn Wenrich said...

This summer would be the week we spent at my Mom's house in Prescott. It was so relaxing and her house is new and huge so it was almost like staying at a resort. We also took my daughter for her first horse back trail ride. Lot's of great photos too.