Tuesday, August 12, 2008

US pulls ahead and 2 more GOLD

Olympic Update-
Gold- 7
Silver- 7
Bronze- 8

Total count 22
we are ahead of China by 2. They do have 13 gold medals though :(
Lots of exciting events yesterday.
Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor women's beach volleyball won their second game. they have won 108 games in a row!

Michael Phelps won his third Gold!

Natalie Coughlin won her first Gold!

Aaron Piersol won his first Gold!

USA has been doing some kicking butt in the swimming arena. Watched synchronized diving yesterday. We missed the bronze medal by 1/2 point. Bummer! One of the divers is only 14 years old! Seriously how does a 14 year old dedicate himself like that. Our basketball team whopped up on Angola(?).

A little Olympic trivia for you.

Did you know that the Chinese have spit buckets on their public streets?? Can you say GROSS! Well, they don't as of right now. they have gotten rid of all spit buckets. They are not allowed to spit in public or wear their pajamas out and about in town. Hysterical! Now I will not wonder when I see Asians wearing their pajamas out and about around here and wonder why they wouldn't put on street clothes to do errands. It is just part of their culture!

Alright enough about the Olympics.

I just received and awesome email from my church. You see we go to Saddleback Church and we are hosting John McCain and Barack Obama this weekend with Pastor Rick Warren as the mediator! Well, as you can imagine their are going to be thousands attending. The tickets are pretty hefty in price. What Saddleback did was open up tickets in all of our different venue tents for free. You just had to put your name in a drawing which I did. Thinking no way will we get them...guess what we DID! Ed and I will be in one of the overflow tents listening to the feed. So flippin exciting! What is really funny about this is that I am really not all that political. But, I do have my opinions.

This has been sited in and around town. This is the last issue of the once known -Homegrown Hospitality...Heart to Home..now Holiday Home. So don't forget to pick yourself up this beautiful issue. From what I hear it has some great ideas inside!
Was feeling a little homey myself last night. I just haven't really baked or cooked a really great meal in awhile I use to do this at least once a week. Last night I got a bug and went and purchased blackberries and a pie crust from Trader Joe's and made blackberry pie! Scrumptious!

Served it with whip cream, fresh and hot out of the oven. Was going to get vanilla ice cream but wanted to try and save some calories! LOL! Who am I kidding...save some calories!

I highly recommend the frozen pie crust from Trader Joe's. It was light and flaky! Very semi-homemade!

gotta jet...