Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A real quick post today. Makenna has been coming to work with me for the last week and we have been kitting for Scrapfest next month. It has been fun having her with me but I will be honest also a little exhausting! She doesn't stop talking and she is pretty social so I had to keep her focused and not wanting to go and talk with Shelby downstairs or really just go hang with others in the company. Wonder where she gets that from... hmmm.....
Stephanie found this awesome designer here a month or so ago and I always get there emails but I never really put a lot of effort into the website. Until yesterday! I took some time to surf the site and found so much inspiration! It was overwhelming! So I updated my profile and uploaded some layouts. Go check it out and if you haven't signed up over there...Just Do It! while you are at it send me a comment and let me know that you are now a Sister.
I gotta go. Lots to do! Kitting awaits me!
One more thing,
Heart to Home you know that wonderful magazine comes out this week if it hasn't already but you need to know that, they, meaning the suits at CkMedia changed the name again to Holiday Home. It will be at all the big stores, Michael's,Joann's,Wal Mart etc. Go here to see the cover. Not to pat myself on the back but okay I will pat away I have a project in this issue! Although I would say this is the best issue it really isn't. What I mean is that all 4 issues have been AWESOME! I can't believe that the powers that be would not keep this magazine in production! Fools I say. But don't get me started! Stephanie did a magnificent job on this magazine and I know that God has a different path for her because her talent just oozes out of her so I know He will not have her just stagnant for long! Creating she does and creating she will continue to do!
go out and pick up an issue. You will not be disappointed!
Peace Out!


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Congrats.......I can't wait to see your project. I haven't been to SIStv much, but I will check it out now. Good luck with the kitting.