Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

So the Olympics have started! As some of you may guess I am going to be glued to the TV for 17 days! The Olympics are probably hands down one of my very favorite sporting events to watch! The opening games were incredible. If you didn't get a chance to watch them check them out online. Ming Yao (NBA player) brought out the China flag with his team. He was walking along side a little boy age 9 who was in the earthquake in May. His classroom was crushed and he lost I believe 10 of his classmates. He crawled out of the rubble and then went back to rescue 2 of his classmates. When asked why he went back his reply was I was the class representative and hall monitor it was my job to go back! Although not an athlete that little boys attitude pretty much sums up the inspiration and dedication all 11,000 athletes in Beijing have for their sport! My favorite sport by far is swimming. I was a swimmer in high school so that is a given. But I will be honest I will watch badminton as well. I think it is thinking about all the time, sweat, money has gone into getting to where these athletes are. All the support of coaches, family, friends,sometimes towns. When the national anthem starts and the medal winners are looking at their countries flag and the look on their faces- just gets me every time! Can only imagine the pride, and love parents have seeing their child up their. wow! Awe inspiring! Love it! So I will be glued watching everything I can. NBC, USA, MSNBC coverage! Now that Tivo is alive and well in the Gurzi household i may not have to miss a thing!!

This summer has been somewhat a lazy summer. With that being said I have become lazy in other areas as well. I am not an overly organized person. In fact, I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. I do have to have things in order when school starts. We usually have a sport or two gong on as well so I do need to have some order. this summer though I have let things just fall away. Quiet time. I am not in the Word at all! Housework...ugh! I hate cleaning in the summer but I really have let it go. Blogging has started to get few and far between. So I am going to take some of the inspiration from the Olympic athletes and rededicate myself to some of my responsibilities here at home! I will let you know how it goes!

Olympic medal count

USA-1 gold



Patsy said...

So with you on the whole Olympics thing. Watched it until the flame was lit last night, cried when I heard the story of the little earthquake survivor, and am watching it again today! It's actually working out perfect for me since I'm laid up with a broken ankle, at least now I have something interesting to watch on TV! GO USA!