Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Back and trying to recoup!

What is it about a vacation and needing a vacation from your vacation??? We had a fabo time! Perfect weather and an all around great time!

To sum it up...
roasted marshmallows- 100
pebbles in shoes from hikes- 100's
corona beers drank- 24
mojitos and margaritas enjoyed daily- lots
frogs in shower- 3
fish caught at numerous lakes- 40
games of double solitaire- 100
happy, laughing kids-priceless!

We did so many new things up in the Sierras. Lots of hikes. The views are spectacular! Even if we had to hike vertically to get there...nice family hike my butt!
I will leave you with some pictures of the week! The waterfall pictures are from the vertical hike and oh yeah Ed and our dog Lola almost went down it. Ed says he was in control the whole time but from our view he was not! A very scary few moments!

I have to finish up kitting for the show in Chicago so I will post this week with some sneak peeks of some fabulous layouts of our new lines. Can't wait to show you there are FABULOUS!

The hike to Fern Lake. did I mention vertical?? This is only halfway up!

Our hike to Parker Lake! Absolutely gorgeous!

The infamous waterfall that Ed and Lola almost took a ride on!

One of many fish caught this week. I just don't get the fishing thing??? You catch and then release them and you do this over and over!!! Hmmm...
jaxon finally face planted after a week of fun! I will post more pictures throughout the week. Some of them are just too beautiful not to let you all see the majestic scenery we tend to take for granted when we are going about our daily lives. It really makes you stop and give thanks to God for creating such beauty for us to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

welcome back lovekin... we missed you!!!!!!!!!
(we need a beach day.)
SOOOO glad you guys had a great time!
The photos are gorgeous... can't wait to see more.
Love you.

annie said...

Looks beautiful and sounds like a blast!! Hope you get back in the groove!

tina said...

We just returned from the Sierras!! I agree the hikes were a bit grueling but so worth it!! Cannot wait to go again...we got caught in a hail storm and a mud slide ...yeah in the middle of July!! Loved the pictures!!