Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First recount of CHA

First off, it was a fun show and always fun to see the new lines. If you are a crafter of any kind this would be the place that you want to be. So I consider myself very lucky to get to see the new stuff first hand.I will start by showing you all the graphics and our "Sunshine" area in our booth.

This picture is of our black and white papers and our "modern milan" line. The graphics are fabulous. They look awesome so big! One of my favorite parts of our booth.

This is area was dedicated to our black and white paper pad. Probably is my favorite line right now. But as you know that can change daily.It really is an awesome paper pad. If you don't have one go and get yourself one! Go here!

This is all of our new "soft spoken" and "sunshine". The sunshine picture is upside down and I am being lazy and not going to go back and fix it. You get the picture though.
These next two pics are by far my very favorite part of the booth. Although it is taking up the space where I used to do make and takes...which I love to do.

Don't you love the look and feel of it. All projects were created from our "sunshine" line. Love Love Love the hanging flowers and lanterns. The pinwheels have a little story behind them. The beach pail they were in had a ton of sand and flower forms in them. I did not want to ship them with the booth because I was afraid they would get squished. so I empty the sand put it in a ziploc bag put it in my suitcase. Wrapped up the green flower forms which had sand in them, put that in my suitcase. I thought which is a bad thing...thinking, I had wrapped everything real good. Well, when I got to my hotel room and opened my suitcase...I am sure you have figured it out...SAND EVERYWHERE! Piles and piles. I still have sand coming out of the suitcase. But low and behold pinwheels arrived safe and sound and not squished! Moral of story,even if you feel very confident in your wrapping skills the sand will always win in that situation!
Here are some of my class participants.

These ladies are from Brazil. I am sorry that I never got their names. They were so very appreciative of all the goodies that we gave them in their kits and very good listeners in the class.

Here are some of my class repeaters. They have been to my classes before at the show. I love that they continue to come back. Teaching is near and dear to my heart! I love how class participants come in all excited and then watching them create what we have created for them. Everyone always puts their touches on their projects which I like to see what they do. Scrapbooking is an art so everyone is different and sees things differently so no two are ever the same when we are done at the end of a class. Love it! Plus,. for those of you that don't know me well...I absolutely LOVE a microphone! If I could be famous I would be a singer! Gwen Stefani it would be!

This is Nancy owner of my LSS-Timeless Treasures. She was a lifesaver! She helped pass out the extra supplies before the class. She was waiting in line to get in and it was a long one and she just knew I needed help. so low and behold she stepped right in! She is one awesome lady! I owe her big time!

Last but not least the shows first day! Let the games begin!

It was a great first day and I have more pictures to show you! The saga continues tomorrow...


serena said...

love the pics. looks like y'all had fun. how did u make the lanterns?????

Martha said...

The booth looked really nice. Great pictures!

A. R. said...

The hanging flowers and lanterns are beautiful, quite original! Very nice pictures!

ScrapHappy said...

The new products all look great! I love how people from Brazil are so proud to be from Brazil, wearing the country colors and all... overall, they seem to be happy people!

christy p said...

Ohhh I love the previews...thanks for the photos! You lucky girl!