Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gurzi Look-alike Meter and an Award

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Susan had this on her blog a week or so ago. Kinda cool. Don't know how realistic it is though. Makenna is a look a like of me. Always has been. This will make her Dad happy since his kids really don't look anything like him. It is definitely the mexican in us. Very strong genes those mexican genes. Although i will say this..Jaxon is Ed. mannerisms, laid back and easy going. (scroll down for Jaxon's look a like meter)

So do i get to give a speech or anything?? I want to thank God and my family for always supporting me. My husband Ed for always being there for me, loving me for who i am.
What in the world am I thinking??? Can you imagine having to get up in front of millions and giving a thank you speech and making sure you are politically correct in thanking the right people. if you don't thank you husband/wife you must be getting a divorce. What if on the way there your hubby irritated you and you just didn't feel like thanking him at that moment. You know they can irritate you at just the right moment. So funny to think about...or is it just me that thinks about this stuff and can go on and on about it on their blog??? Funny!
Now what I need to do is nominate 7 other blogs and let them know.
Here are the rules:
1. paste the logo award on your blog
2. Link your nominees on your blog
3. Let your nominees know by leaving them a comment on their blog.
so here are my nominees-

There are my 7 oops 8! 4 of them i work with and have got to say that they have great blogs. Christy is a blog reader of mine and she cracks me up and that girl can find a deal anywhere! gives great tips on coupon saving etc.!

Lain is a new friend from the show! And Stephanie A. needs no introduction. Most of you visit me through her! A great blog! One of the best in my opinion!

Okay now I am off to let them all know! Congratulations my friends!



christy p said...

WOW...thank you Suezi!!! You are toooo kind!!! I have tried that luck alike meter as well....I didn't agree with it much either! Hope you have a fabulous day!