Tuesday, July 29, 2008

took a break

Hello there!!!

For some reason I just needed to chill out and stay away from blogging for awhile. Not that I did not think of all of you blogging friends everyday. I always get bummed when my favorite bloggers don't post for a few days. I look forward to catching up. so I apologize for my break. I am in a much better mood and ready to tackle whatever I need to tackle!
Last week I left you with a rundown of CHA. I did meet some great new friends. Was able to go to dinner with a couple of them. Great women! Creative and stinkin funny!

Donna and Lain were just a hoot! Go check their blogs out. Very talented gals! Of course that is Stephanie and her sister Jen. Love them! Steph, Jen and I hung out in the city for a few hours. Had so much fun. Went to the American Girl store. If you have not been..GO! It is quite the treat. The little girls are everywhere and just a crack up to listen to. 3 year olds saying...oh snap! Definitely had a grin on my face for awhile.

These mannequins were up and down the streets of Chicago. All made out of recycled material! Very cool! The key one is my favorite. I will say this Chicago has got to be one of the cleanest cities around. Their curbs are trash free! Crazy. Certainly wouldn't see that in downtown LA.
Since it is kinda quiet around the office it has given me time to do some layouts.
This layout is the first layout that I have ever done of myself. I went out of the box on this one. I am a clean line kinda of gal. Wasn't sure how i felt about it. It has grown on me.
We spent sometime down in Newport this past weekend with our neighbors. Had a great time. The boys just kept us in stitches. Love the colors. Of course I would, it is from my very favorite line "Coastal Culture".

This is a card I made for another neighbor who just lost her beloved Grandmother. I like the binding i made. Been sewing alot on my layouts. Following her, her, and her. Like where it has taken me.
Hoping to squeeze a couple more out before we start getting ready for Scrapfest in Minneapolis in September. I have never been so I am looking forward to it. Plus, the largest Mall in America can't be too bad. The shoes that one will be able to get!! Ooooooohhhhhhhh, my feet are starting to do the happy dance already!
Well I think I have rambled enough. Have to get Makenna to color guard practice.