Friday, July 11, 2008

I see the light!

So this is how this story had transpired. Stephanie, Terri and Lauren are avid sea glass collectors. They collect together and separately. When Stephanie and myself were in South Africa she went crazy at a beach in Cape Town. Apparently it was sea glass heaven! I just didn't get it. They have these little jars filled with their treasures from years of collecting and I will say this they are not overflowing by any means.
There are tons of sea glass collectors out there. They obsess over this hobby! Terri says that it is addicting and I said I have ADD and wouldn't stick to it

Well...I have seen the LIGHT!

We were at the beach today. Calafia in San Clemente. We go there all the time. This time there were lots of rocks and pebbles at the shore line. I have never seen so many rocks and pebbles. So I told Makenna lets go down there and see if we find anything!
The first piece I found was a cobalt blue and if I can recall the cobalt blue pieces are a rare find. Now mind you, it is the size of a grain of rice. Check it out!

See it right in the middle???
The other pieces are just a small portion of what we collected. Here is the stash..
So let me tell you this hobby is addicting. You don't want to stop. I can't believe how excited we got when we found the larger pieces. Crazy! I can't wait to get back there. When I text Steph with our finds she was dying to know where we found it all and I have to be honest I didn't want to tell her where. It was going to be my little secret. But I did let her in on the whereabouts and I will bet you she will be there tomorrow!
Seriously I am going to Pier 1 tomorrow to find me a little decorative jar to put my beautiful sea glass in. I also am very bummed that I didn't listen to my friend and start collecting with her in South Africa.


I also did get to finish a couple more things yesterday at the office. One layout and one shadow box frame.
This frame is from Michaels and I covered it with our black and white paper from the black and white paper pad and then added the silver glitter letters and the Happy soft spoken. Easy peezy. I think it still needs a little something else but for now it works. sometimes I need to walk away from a project and go back to it later.

I am into printing wallet size prints right now. All paper and embellishments are from our "Sunshine" line. I cut out 8 different prints all the same size. Then added pictures and embellishments. Again super easy! I think I inked all edges. Love this layout.
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martharend said...

All your projects are quite beautiful, the layout is really cute!
The cobalt blue sea glass you found is really nice! I love that color. I Found once different kind of blue, green and pink see glass pieces in Mexico near Chichen Itza, one the New Seven Wonders of the World, is a Mayan archeological site, there are amazing pyramids.

annie said...

Your projects are gorgeous!! DO you know Webkinz at all?? You would LOVE the Curio shop ;)

Patsy said...

I am cracking up at the sea glass story!

NanaBeth said...

Now I have to google sea glass and see what this all about!

Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up! You have become one of us. I knew the OCD would overtake the ADD {as in my case} when it comes to sea glass collecting. I wanna go right now down to Calafia. Will I find you there. Sometimes I can get Bob to help me too..double the "booty" that way.


serena (aka scrapbooking fiend) said...

after reading ur post on friday, i was intrigued too and found myself looking for sea glass at newport beach this weekend. no luck, but y'all r making me very curious. :)