Friday, June 27, 2008

And we are OFF!

I did not think that this week was going to ever get to Friday!!!! It has been crazy busy at work. You see I needed to get 75 kits kitted and ready for shipping before I left on vacation. Now this isn't all that is if product is not in or ribbon not ordered and several other little details that always seem to hold me up. Really not any ones fault or because someone dropped the ball it is just the way this industry works. You see we are made up of a lot of artists and we tend to work at an unusual fast pace at the last minute. But never fear it my boxes are always in my classroom when I arrive...ALWAYS! So at the office lots of running around and no time to get ready for our family vacation.
So today I am grocery shopping, packing, paying bills, last minute laundry, cancelling milk delivery, stopping the mail, blogging, and loading up the car so that we can leave at the ungodly hour of some early morning time. To beat the heat of Mojave Desert! Whatever is what I say!
I will do my darnedest to post during vacation. I will miss blogging! I look forward to reading other blogs and posting on my own.
I have a couple of ideas that I want to put into motion when I get back. Reading Stephanie and Lauren's blogs they have some cool ideas so i need to step it up! I wanted to do a layout so badly but just ran out of time. I have many layout ideas running through my head so I am going to sketch them out and have them ready for when I get back.
Have an awesome day today and take some time to enjoy the view!
Peace out!


susan said...

Dude, I keep checking was your trip????