Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NO Longer MIA

Edited*** The store is Paris to the Moon and not Paper to the Moon
I really don't have an excuse of why it has been so long since my last post. Just lazy I guess!!!
Easter has come and gone. We had some of both sides of our families over. It was a beautiful day! Our tradition for Easter is sunrise service. The kids actually don't complain. I think they look forward to it. Until we get there!
Baseball is in full swing! Jaxon's team is in first place. I try and not get too into it but you know I am a little competitive.
Makenna has one more competition left in winterguard season. They have a couple of first places and a few seconds. They are doing a great job. Her team is all freshman except for a couple of girls which is awesome because they are competing with teams that have veteran guard girls. So they are really doing great! So fun to watch.
Work is starting to get a little busy with the CHA summer show around the corner and lots of magazine submissions and ads that need to get done.
I have been working on lots of projects that I can't show you yet but I do have a few other things that I can show you.
I did 4 layouts of my family that I want to hang on our family room wall. I loved how we did that for the last show in our mock up living room inside the booth. I used everything from our coastal culture line. It is my favorite line we have. The colors and edginess are right up my alley!

I want to put them in black frames. I think the contrast of the frame will show them off perfectly!
This next project is a fold up mini book. Again using the coastal culture line. Love the girly colors.

I haven't added all the pictures yet. Will let Mak finish it up.
Did you all get out to the stores and find your Heart and Home magazine. If you didn't get out there and get one. The photography is fabulous and the ideas are to die for. This is a magazine you will want to keep and take it out and look at it every once in awhile for inspiration!
Speaking of inspiration..
Makenna and I went to the little boutique Paris to the Moon. It is in Costa Mesa,if you are ever in the area. Darling little place. So much eye candy to gander at. Lots of different things to see. Not your random artsy crafty stuff. Real art! They have a darker side in the back. Lots of skulls and crossbones glittered up. Pretty candles. All edgy. Loved it. Wish I had pictures to show you but they are on Makenna's camera. ugh!
Like I said wanting to get some inspiration. Kinda hard with a teenager asking questions and wanting to buy everything she touched and saw. I just wanted to soak it all in. We did have a good time hanging out with each other. It is hard to do things with her without spending money. Do any of you find that? The boys go motorcylce riding. Spend nothing but food stuff. Usually Ed just grabs stuff out of the pantry because Jaxon doesn't eat much anyways. No money spent. Makenna wants to go to the Irvine Spectrum... lunch...movies...shopping. Manicures...pedicures... Get my drift!?@*%
What do some of you blog friends with girls do to have fun but not break the bank and keep a 14 year old happy??
This is turning into a very long post. Probably because I have been gone for so long!
I better jet. Gotta get some stuff done at work.
Promise to not be gone so long the next time!!!


susan said...

Your layouts are just stunning! You have to frame them!! Definately! I love Paris to the Moon. It's one of my favorite places. Have a good week!!