Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day is today

For those of you that don't know today is Earth Day. It is treat your environment kindly day! Reuse Reduse Recycle Day!
Now I must admit I wasn't a big recycler ever! I would toss a can or bottle in the recycle bin if it was near. I would turn off the lights etc. We Gurzi's have just hopped on the Recycle wagon with Ed trailing behind.
I will say it is more out of laziness and I really hate to admit that! But so very true. Also, my kitchen is not that big to have two trash cans. What I did was bought a magnetic hook and put that on my trash can and hung a grocery bag from it and we out all our cans, bottles, and papers in there and take it out every so often. I figure every little bit helps!
I also unplug appliances when not in use as well as all the electronic chargers.
Today you must go outside and soak up the beauty that this amazing place we live in called Earth and that was made just for us I might add and soak in its beauty! Here are some fun things you can do today to celebrate Earth Day:
*pick up a pretty plant and plant it in your yard
*take a hike with your dog
*collect trash at your local park go through pick out the recycleables and take it to your local recycling place.
All of these you can do as a family. You just may see the Gurzi's at the park today!
Here are some pictures that represent Earth to me...

The lizard was on our fence yesterday "sunning" and then we have Yosemite. Maybe one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you have not ever been...GO! El Capitan is MAGNIFICENT. The sky is a blue you won't see anywhere else. Colors are unreal! Seriously, when God made this place He definitely was on His "A Game"!
On to what pretty much occupies Ed and Jaxon's time this time of year. Baseball.I just need to give a shout out to a boy on our team that is in one word Inspiring! He is always happy, ready to learn and ready to do his very best when he is at bat or on the field. He is not one of our strongest but it really doesn't matter because he gives 110% ALWAYS!
Let me set it up for your bottom of the sixth 2 outs we are tied 9-9 with the USC Trojans I might add(this will be the only time you hear me not cheer for the Trojans)We are at the bottom of the lineup... Cisco is ready! He has been here in this same situation before a couple of times. 1 strike,2 balls. We are all thinking there is no way Cisco Kid that is what I call him will do it again. We knw that he can smack the ball seen it and he believes it. Pitcher throws it and Cisco Kid smacks it over th second baseman right in the hole of the outfield bringing in the 1 runner we needed to win. Unbelieveable. We came back from 1-9 in the top of the fifth to win that game! Cisco Kid did it again. the team comes out and gathers around him, high fives every where... a great moment for this 10 year old Titan team.
Here he is..

Ed gave him the game ball and he asked for all of the coaches to sign it. Even our team umpire had to sign it. He was so stoked and it was a moment I will treasure!
I am off with a meeting on the secret news. Check back today and I will post the news..I promise!

Peace out!