Friday, April 11, 2008

Shout to the Lord

Here is the performance from the Idol contestants that I mentioned in my last post.

They sang it again last night on the elimination show. Wow is all I can say that cynical television would actually put on a worship song more than once. I watched the show again...Idol Gives Back. It really made me think what can I do to can I get to Africa...
I realized that maybe Africa is not the right time for me I would really like my whole family to go. So I think I need to look right here in my own backyard and get out there and do something.
More on that as I try and figure out where the "Big Guy" is leading me. Have a wonderful beautiful Friday!!! If you live in Orange County get to the beach and let me know how it is. I want to go so bad...CAN YOU SAY BASEBALL AND COLOR GUARD!!!
Happy Friday!