Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol and a party hat

Did any of you watch American Idol gives back last night??? If you did not I hope you tivo'd it and will catch it later. It was so inspirational and eye opening and flippin hysterical!!!
Fergie was over the top awesome...can we give it up for Heart. One of my very favorite bands and those two women can rock! Loved it!!!
There was so much that I loved. One word...Bono! He is by far one of the sexiest alive!!! Some of you may disagree but really Brad Pitt has nothing over Bono!
Robin Williams and Jimmy Kimmel were so freakin funny. Love them!
But enough about the entertainment. The kids all around the world. Cryin like a baby when Foresst Whitaker and his wife were in Africa talking about malaria and how every 30 seconds a child dies over there. How about the town up north here in California where the average yearly income is $9000! What is that all about??? That just sickens me that we are one of th riches states and we have a town that can barely survive! But don't get me started because I am already out of this world angry with this state and the education dilemma we are in. I just want to strangle the "Terminator" Has he no clue???
I was so fortunate to go to South Africa this last fall with Stephanie to teach at a scrapbook convention and while we were there we had to travel through towns that you just knew they were just "survivng". I one day would like to go back with my church and really help out in someway. One day...

The last part of the show was the idol contestants singing " Shout to the Lord" one of my all time favorite worship songs. They were awesome. I always cry during that song no matter where I am at and this was no different. It is a very powerful song and I encourage all of you to look up the words or find it on itunes and listen to it. Beautiful!
I am really impressed that with all the dysfunctionality in the entertainment industry, that this show can take some time and give back. Show us all what is really important! People... not clothes, not singers, not Britney...Human Beings!
Alright enough heavy stuff I forgot to show you in my last post a very special hat that I made for a very special friend.
Shelby at work had a birthday this past weekend and this is what she had to wear all day in honor of her special day.

Pretty darn cute I say! Happy Birthday Shelby!

That is all I have for now.
Go watch AI if you haven't already.
ciao bellas and bellos~


christy p said...

Can you believe I have NEVER watched AI??? Crazy, I know!

LOVE the bday hat! I bet she was loved it, and your thoughtfulness!

suezi said...

I can't believe you have never watched it!!! You must, You must!!