Monday, April 21, 2008

Exciting News...

Got ya!!! I can't let the cat out of the bag about the news I can share about a little something I mentioned in my last post that will come tomorrow so check back later! I will say this in regards to that little freaking excited about it!

this exciting news is we have some new bloggers here at Mambi
First off is Renee Benjamin Renee is the Art Director here at Mambi ( I just made that title up) she really is so much more than that. Stephanie hit the nail on the head when she described her as the most organized person we have ever met! Plus she can't possibly sleep to be able to do what she does...simply amazing!

Next we have Lauren She is Stephanie's sister and Development manager her at Mambi. She is one cute chick! I love her and her zest for life! I will say this she has a real knack for accents and will have me in stitches in seconds! Such a fun person to work with. I will also say that she has accomplished so much and that seeing her develop into the beautiful human being she is with that hard work that she has put into her life is just inspiring!

last but not least...Rachel Simonsen. Rachel is one talented gal! She came into this company less than a year ago and you would have thought she had been in the craft industry for years. She just gets it! I tease her because she is young but one of those very mature young persons! She is going to make some future mother in law out there very happy! So pleasant and adorable to boot!!

Each one of these gals have so many different takes on our company and should be fun to look at different perspectives on Mambi! We are trying to Stephanie and Lauren's Mom, Terri to start her own blog. Talk about driven! When I met this woman I really had no idea how smart and talented she was. I have known her since I was 19!! I can't wait for her to get her blog up and running so that you can get to know her! She is awesome!

On my weekend...
Color guard is officially over! Mak had her last competition this last weekend.although they did not make finals but they still shoud hold their heads up HIGH! These freshman girls and (2juniors) really did not have any expectations from their coaches or anyone else for that matter. What they did accomplish was moving up 2 rankings and then conitnued to place first and second all season. We parents are so proud of them. They are going to kick some color guard butt next year and I can't wait to see it!
I wish I could post some pictures but unfortunately blogger won't let me! ugh!

Baseball is baseball and I could go on and on about that but I won't. It is so very hard to not be a parent that gets out of control! It is that darn competitive thing. I want to be an example to the boys out Ed is the manager and on the Board so I really have to watch it. I truly just pray beforehand and sometimes during to help me out! Thank goodness you blogger friends can't witness me out there.
OH and how could I forget...
Ed and I went to see Elton John at the Pond on Saturday! This is my third time seeing him and he did not disappoint!! We were in a suite which was rockin enough! We were literally a hop, skip and a jump from the stage! I could see every detail of what Elton was wearing! Atone point they let people rush the stage and I so wanted to go down and I staked out the route but Ed said no! Such a voice of reason that guy is! I use to go to alot of concerts when I was younger and we would buy cheap tickets and then get to the front! Always! All you had to do was be just a little flirtatious and bam you were in the front! I even got on stage at an INXS concert but that was a bad choice on my part! Hopped on some guys shoulders and jumped! Was escorted off before I knew what was going on! Crazy girl! Sorry Mom...never told you that little tidbit of info!
It is so much fun when you know every word to every song!! His Yellow Brick Road album brings back so many childhood memories!! Amazing how that man plays the piano!
That is it in a nutshell. Sorry for no pictures. I hate posting without pictures but something is going on and won't let me post. So I hope to have something tomorrow. Check back tomorrow and get the latest and greatest!
Remember to post a comment on what inspires you..from a previous post! there just may be something worth your while. And don't forget to check out the new bloggers I promise you will not be disppointed!
ciao bellas~


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Sounds like a great weekend!! I will check back tomorrow!!