Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Monday

Here we are another Monday. I really don't mind Mondays most of the time. This Monday I wish it wasn't really here. We had such an incredible weekend of awesome weather here in So Cal. It felt like summer. A bit hot for this early in the year but shorts, flip flops, suntan lotion and hanging at the beach with friends! Love it!! We had baseball and just about roasted out there. Thank Goodness the boys are young and can handle it. Ed cancelled practice yesterday and the team and other friends hung at the pool. So much fun!! I only wish that we would have had enough time to get to the beach!

Don't you just love the smell of sunscreen and the beach. To me there isn't anything much better than that. If I am smellin' those two things it means I am relaxing with the family and friends and soaking in the sun. Although as I have gotten older I do wear the sunscreen instead of just smelling it and I try to stay in some sort of shade. We were talking yesterday about how we use to go to great lengths to get tan. Any of you out there in your 40's remember Bain de soleil?? Smothering baby oil all over you.I even had a friend us Crisco oil at one time. HOw about taking foil and putting it up to your face while you were laying out. Climbing on the roof to get "closer to the sun"??? Back then I wore NO sunscreen whatsoever!!! Now I have little freckles all over my chest. A mexican with freckles??? Crazy beans is what I say now. If only we knew then what we know now...although I don't think I would have listened.
This weekend gave us just enough of a tease that we all wished summer was here. She said the same thing. Jaxon and his buddy Hayden wanted a sleepover last night. Had to tell them not till summer can a sleepover happen on a Sunday. That went over like a fart in church!
Well I better get going. Gotta get a project done for a magazine submission...due today. Good thing I work great under pressure!
Enjoy the weather if you live here and if not may spring come soon!


Cheryl McCarley said...

Hi Suezi,
I prefer today's weather (20 degrees lower) over this past weekend. But, I'm not from here am I? We were out in the soccer field two afternoons this past weekend (lost both games). Yes, we could have been at the beach but that would not have been team spirit. Glad to see you blogging again!

christy p said...

We loved the weather too. (Altho I could have had it ten degrees cooler....) Will you post what you are doing for the magazine???