Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Inspiring

Do any of you watch this??

Love this show!!! It is amazing to watch these "normal" people come in and weigh themselves on national television and the work out like fiends and accomplish their goals. For the most part they all look pretty rockin FABULOUS!!
I always pick who i want to win from the get go and then of course change my mind when things progress. This season for the first time a woman WON. Ally! She was unbelievably dedicated. I would have liked to see Kelly win only because she fought hard. But I will take Ally. Finally a girl beat those darn men who can lose weight so friggin fast!!!

We actually here at Mambi started a Biggest Loser club. There are about 20 of us and we all put in 10 bucks and weighed in...privately i might add. We had a trainer come and weigh us. So only him and I know the "true" number. this led to all kinds of discussions. This is one thing in my marriage and friendships that no one will EVER know. Never ever, ever, never know. Not even if i weighed my dream weight. I will tell you why. When i needed to lose 10 lbs. geez about 20 years ago I went to Weight Watchers got on the scale and the rude, mean lady says " Oh, I wouldn't have thought you weigh that much". I am not kidding and I will never forget that. I could even tell you what she was wearing. I might need to let that go. But that is why no one will ever know that correct weight! NEVER!
We even all workout together on Thursdays! Even if I don't get to my goal weight it is successful that I am working out consistently and have changed my eating habits. It has been fun and some major smack talk has been going around. Nothing like office bonding!

Reading back on my posts I sure do watch alot of tv!!! I better get off the couch!!!
What inspires you on a goal that you want to achieve?? I would love to hear it. Post a comment and there just may be a little prize for the most inspirational comment! A little mambi product maybe???

Check back this week there is some exciting news on the work front for those of you that live in the area. Something that we have not done before! I am really excited and will get to work with some amazing women. Can't wait to spill the beans!!



susan said...

How totally cool, Suezi! It's so great that you guys are all doing this together. That helps so much! I have had that weight comment before too. Back when I was skinny and working out like a crazy person I still weighed a pretty high amount. The number doesn't matter. It's how you feel and how you look. My friend and I used to wear the same size and we were the same height and I was 20 pounds heavier. My lips are sealed on weight too!

annie said...

Mean weight watcher lady!! When I have really wanted something and acheived it, I literally had to invision it in my head, "kept my eye on the ball" and stayed as positive as possible......had to believe it in my heart that it was meant to happen.......that is when I have acheived what I truely wanted in life.
I can't wait to find out what is coming in this are torturing me, I am too nosey for secrets!!

Cheryl McCarley said...

Hey girl friend! I think that's awsome how you're all working together for better health! You go girl! So you ask what inspires me to achieve a goal? Hmm. I guess I envision myself having it. Yes, when I work out I see myself with the gorgeous body already and just think I'm just supporting it. Or when I paint, I'm just putting on the wonderful fine touches to a masterpiece. I don't focus on "I CAN'T", but on the "I CAN DO THIS" or "I'm DOING IT". I used to think, re-think, plan, re-plan, now I JUST DO IT. Maybe that's why I like!

Mercedes said...

Hi Suezi! this is your cuz Mercedes-- I realize you started your blog a quite some time ago, but I just started reading it today...(have been meaning to for a long time) VERY cool! as far as losing weight, the thing that inspires me the most is the cost of medical care/insurance. Not having any health insurance, I read a lot about "alternatives" and things like that. Also, I work with a lot of Chinese people and they say "eat vegetables and rice" --yeah, boring, but I have rarely seen an overweight asian person. also, Green Tea is a natural appetite supressant. Another inspiration is betting (as you mentioned) --the more you bet, the more you are inspired, right? That's it for my health to the family and all -- lemme know what's happening! let's get together soon!