Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Must Read

This week my very dear friend Stephanie has the coolest magazine coming out to your newstands.It is formerly known as Homegrown Hospitality now known as Home & Heart.

Here is a picture so you know what it looks like when you go to buy it! It is at Michael's, Joann's, Wal-Mart and your LSS. If you cannot find it ask where it might be. If it is sold out tell them to order more.
The reason being is that if this issue does not sell well we may not get another isse of this FABULOUS magazine. It has great ideas and all very easy to accomplish ourselves.Stephanie has put alot of time,love and creativeness into making this magazine the best that it can be!! When you go buy one which I know that all of you will... buy one for a friend, mom, mom in law etc. You get my drift! It makes a great easter basket stuffer. You will find ideas for Easter and spring! Don't stop at GO to collect 200 dollars get to Michael's and pick up your Home & Heart magazine!
Not much else going on around here. We are all just recovering from that dreadful flu! A cough that won't go away! man oh man it was bad!
I actually in the midst of being sick was finishing up a project for Home & Heart August issue. Another reason to go and buy the magazine. You my friends will get to see the awesome project I created for the August issue. I know that you will be waiting on pins and needles for that one.
I am off to start dinner and finish folding laundry. Ever feel like you never get ahead of that laundry???


christy p said...

HEY there my new friend! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sounds like we are a lot alike...I love Paula Deen too! (I also worship Stephanie!) Glad to have found YOUR blog now!

Jodip12 said...

OH wow, that is so cool. You guys rock so much. Lov all you do!