Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and a Birdie

This weekend for us was filled with lots of sports! Now if you are not a sports fan you would have thought this weekend was yucky but for me I loved it!
Ed was asked to umpire the championship AAA TOC game on Friday. It is quite the honor to be asked so off he went with me, jaxon and jaxon's friend tagging along with him. Ed really loves to umpire. He is quite impressive actually. He is consistent which is hard to find in ma ump...believe me! He is fair and he knows his rules. There is a little green book that you will find him reading constantly! Here he is making a call at third base. I like that the fence is the focus. Really wanted him in focus but I would have gotten in the way of the parents of the child that was running to third and since I wasn't a parent of any of the kids thought I better mind my p's and q's.the kid was out and it was a good call! The best part was that he was given a $25 gift card to Shell gas company. With gas prices they way they are this was an awesome idea!
We then had Angel tickets and this is where we sat...Nosebleed! But fun to be in the park. Angels were wiped up by the Atlanta Braves. Oh well still fun.
And then Father's Day. Ed went golfing with 3 of his favorite people in the world. His Dad, brother Bill and good friend Brandon. This is what Ed loves to do and with those 3 you couldn't ask for a better day for him! Then Ed came home to watch the U.S Open and Tiger Woods certainly delivered yesterday. To say he is unbelievable is an understatement! A birdie on the 18th hole to tie with Rocco and force a playoff is what amazing endings are made of. What an ending and as I type they are playing right now. This was a Father's Day made in heaven for Ed and I am sure for alot of other Dad's out there. And to top it off the Lakers are still alive! So this was my weekend and I loved it all! I especially loved that Ed was happy and did what he wanted.

Try as I might to get a good picture of those three. Never can I get them to be serious! They set this up that when I said 3 they would all turn their heads. ugh! You should see the other pics I got. this was the best of the 5. Goof balls!
It was a great family weekend. I am truly blessed to have a healthy family that actually likes to spend time with each other. Even a teenager!
Lots to do at the office. CHA is around the corner. Yikes!!! Will definitely be posting some sneak peeks of layouts and projects that will be coming in for the show.

Oh I almost forgot...

Susan emailed me the number on what we raised for the Me and My Freckle Friends Crop Event. We raised $1400.00 for Autism Speaks! How about that! Thank you to all of you that participated in this event. It was so much fun and this is just the cherry on top!
Lots to do so I better get off this blog and get'er done!


susan said...

What a great picture of your family. They all look like they love to be together! Super cute!

I'm glad it was a great weekend!!!

Stephanie said...

I think that picture beats a posed shot all day long! The interaction is precious!

Patsy said...

I'm agreeing with Stephanie and Susan. Who wants them posed and looking at the camera? The way they are looking at each other is priceless! Blow that one up and frame it.

annie said...

I agree....great shot. Glad your weekend was awesome!! Congrats on raising so much money!!! Good luck with your CHA stuff!