Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clutter and More clutter

I am going to admit something to all of you that I really don't like about myself! I am a clutter ignorer...is that a word?

This is what my office looks like pretty much on a daily basis. this is my desk...papers and stuff and whatever else i put on the desk. the funny thing is I can tell you where everything is. I clean it up and within an hour or two...CLUTTER! I just don't get it. Remember the post about Makenna's room awhile back I am really starting to think she gets it from me. Shhhh- don't tell Ed!
Okay another shot...This is where I create and kit anything and everything. It actually is pretty picked up at the moment. If you look closely there is a picture of my CHA class. I will say this probably is one of my very favorite projects I get to teach.
Now the sewing areaThis is not all my messyness again... is that a word?? The mock up gals use this area too.
All this clutter is even starting to get on my nerves. I am guessing I probably should take an hour or so and pick things up. But then I ask myself why? I can just ignore it. I really don't have the time right now to clean it up and to be quite honest I work better in a cluttery area... go figure!
That my friends is what I tell myself when I walk into my office every week! Thank goodness I don't share space with anyone!!
I have so much to do and not a lot of mojo to get it done. Last day of school is tomorrow and I still have one more teacher gift to make, wrap and get to our room mom. This is the first year that I wasn't real involved in the PTA etc. and I will have to admit it was nice but I do miss the relationships and I feel like I am missing out on things. I really am not but you know how it goes. I was just enough involved that it didn't over run my life. I will be at the Jaxon's school tomorrow for the last day activities. My baby after tomorrow will be a 5th grader...say it isn't so. Such a cliche but time flies! I really do enjoy that the kids are older though. With that comes some freedom for Ed and I and we are not tired! I watch some of my friends with toddlers and just watching them I get tired.
I better get...gifts to make and clutter to ignore!


NanaBeth said...

Just remember a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind-therefore your are mentally very very healthy!