Monday, June 23, 2008


It was definitely a scorcher this weekend! We pretty much did this all weekend.
Even Lola got into the pool. Although you really can't keep her out of any kind of water!
At one point it was 106! That is just way too hot for June!! I don't like it one bit!
I wanted to get a layout done with the pool pics I took this weekend with our latest and greatest line "sunshine" but did not get around to it. I am starting to kit my class for the show in Chicago and that took up most of my time today. I need to get it all packed and shipped out before Friday because we are taking our yearly family trip to June Lake! I don't know what I was thinking when we booked this trip. Actually it was the only week they had left so it was that or nothing at all.
I will take picutres of what my office looks like when everything is out and ready to kit. It gets quite crazy!
Not sure if I will be able to post from June Lake. Check back just in case periodically. The pictures that I will get will undoubtedly be beautiful! It is definitely God's country up there. For those of you not sure of where June Lake is, it is up in the Sierra Nevada mountains just pass Mammoth Mountain. My family has been going there for as long as I can remember. I will be honest not really my cup of is camping which means a lot of work for the Momma. It is worth it when my kids and there cousins get to hang out together. We will miss my Mom and Dad this year which is a year! although next year hoping for a hotel and some beautiful beaches with room service and fufu drinks!
I will try and post those layouts for you this week! Keep your fingers crossed! For sure we will have a Mambi Monday when I get back!
Hmmm...what can I give away when I get back...

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Hang in there and enjoy your vacation!

annie said...

I don't know what I just did ......I typed in my blog instead of my name........I must be half asleep still. Sorry