Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Wednesdays

Well I think I have caught up on my sleep and Jaxon is recovered. I really think that the Gurzi's just needed some good down time. Not that we really have had a lot of it. A day and night of nothing and that is about it!
You can now link onto the Me and My Freckle Friends on the sidebar and that will take you to the gallery of all the layouts that were created on Saturday! Here is a picture of what I did on Saturday. This is Jaxon's teacher gift. I painted a canvas threw some paper from our sanctuary line, doodled a title and voila a perfect gift!
I want to show you this cool chore chart I made a few months back that I can now let you all see. It is in the paper crafts kids projects magazine. It is coming out in September so be sure to pick one up when it comes out. There are some great ideas in it.
I used my favorite Mambi paper the leopard print and then our chalkboard letter stickers and our boys will be boys soft spoken for this project. It was super easy. The clipboard I had to take apart and move the actual chip. Nothing a screwdriver can't fix! This is a great tip. When looking for things to alter make sure to step out of the box and see if you can change things up by just moving something in a different direction or simply getting a screwdriver and changing things up. Don't let little details make you sweat!

What do I do on Wednesdays...Wednesdays are a very sacred day to me. I try not to go into the office at all costs. Wednesdays are my bible study day! Our group has been together for I think 5 years. Maybe more??? Some of us have been together since our MOPS days. Which means 13 years! Yikers! The reason I don't miss a study well for one it is at my house and secondly,these women are my rocks and inspiration!These women are some of the smartest, godly, loyal, beautiful,loving women EVER. We have been through everything you can think of. Money issues, house issues, substance abuse, dorky and that is being nice ex-husband issues, court battles, teenagers, and an adoption. That is just to name a few. Sounds like a very dysfunctional group. But really just life! We not only study the Word together we pray together and laugh and do we ever laugh! I feel safe when I am around them! Not very many people are blessed to have 10 women in their life that truly love you for you! Yesterday was our end of the year brunch. We do that a lot...EAT! We love to Eat! Veronica has just moved only about a month ago and when you walk into her home it looks like she has been there for years! Just beautiful! She has a knack for decorating and hospitality! We love going to her home! So we break for the summer but that doesn't mean we don't get together. We just now meet at the beach or a dinner or two. It is funny since our kids are getting older we just may have a beach day or two where it will be just us! Crazy! Wanted to give you all a glimpse into something that I hold very dear in my heart!

I have a couple of deadlines that need to be tended to. Linda and I must get some of our creative mojo going so I better get going!


annie said...

I love your projects.....and I love that magazine, I will look for it! How fun to have a close knit group like are lucky!

NanaBeth said...

You are truly blessed!

scrappygal said...

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing so much with us at the Freckle Friends/Mambi crop. I really appreicate all the wonderful efforts made and for a cause that is so dear to me. It was a wonderful day and I am glad to have met you.

Take care and hope to see you again :)

susan said...

Hey girl. You rock! Your clipboard rocks and you are such a good person that good people are attracted to you! I'm so glad you have such a wonderful group to belong to. xoxo

scrapaddict said...

love that boys clipboard! it rocks!

jen t.