Monday, May 24, 2010

Another season ends!

We are coming to the end of another baseball season. It has been a rough one to say the least. What is it about parents and all the whining and sneaky business in kids sports. I just don't get it!Jaxon moved up to play in the Juniors division. He is 13 and not that big so when I saw what I can men-children I was a bit nervous. But, he did great and loves playing the game. Sad to see it end as I love watching my kids compete in anything but like I said earlier ready for all the baseball drama to be over and to have my husband back and not have his phone attached to his ear listening to all the whiners!

My niece plays softball and made All Stars for her district so in honor or her I made 2 layouts for her using our sports chipboard embellishments. They are perfect as they are not cutesy and add a perfect element of sporty to the layouts.

On another crafty note I have been surfing a lot of different blogs in regards to decorating on a budget. There are tons of blogs out there that have a ton of ideas, tutorials, etc. One of my favorites is they have redone some furniture that is amazing. That gave me inspiration to refinish some shelves that we had that were pine. I painted them black and they came out fantastic! I love that it cost me less than 20 bucks and made such a big difference in the look. So I have been on Craigslist and am trying to score a buffet or hutch and I will post pictures of when I start that project! Wish me luck!

Have a fantastic day my blog friends!