Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend happenings

*picture heavy
This was a BIG weekend for the Gurzi household. Makenna's Junior Prom somewhat took over the whole weekend! I am exhausted from all the activities. We not only spent Saturday getting her ready but we then hosted an little after party for her friends. I am CRAZY! I just kept telling myself it is way better to know she is safe and sound after prom then having her at someone else's house. Funny story which seems to be the case with us. Her date had not answered any of her phone calls or texts all week. He doesn't go to her school so she needed to give him the 411 on all the details for Saturday. Saturday at 11:00 Am we still could not get ahold of him. This put Ed and I on high alert and were snapping into action. Since parents don't get to talk with these kids nowadays as they all have their own phones we were searching for his parents phone numbers. Long story short the date finally called and told her his phone had been taken away and his Mom had put it on silent so she wouldn't have to deal with it. Hayden's Mom was so apologetic but I can tell you we were a bit worried. All worked out! Just a little drama to add to the memories. sometimes I could do without a little drama! Other than maybe being a little forgetful Hayden was a great Prom date and they both had a great time. This is my favorite picture. So stinkin cute. Can't believe my baby is a Junior!

They rented a Coach bus for all 25 of them. Gone are the days of a limo for 6-8 kids. They have gone "Big Time" and now need coach buses. Don't get me started!

These 3 and their poses. They are always good for the Charlie Angels pose and their "Sasha Fierce" pose.

This is just part of their group. A great group of kids.

This shot was for me. I made her flower for her hair and I love the corsage and flower together. Matched her dress perfectly!
Best memory of the night... my daughter gets pulled off the dance floor to get drug tested because she is dancing so crazy. She of course tested clean. They just don't know that she is a big ole dork! She won't show me her dance moves but assures me there is no "grinding" moves at all! Oh how I wish I could have been there to see that!

It was a great weekend for her and fun to experience it all with her and her friends. The whole weekend had me thinking about my Prom memories. Something a girl never forgets!


thrasherswife said...

That has to be the prettiest corsage I've ever seen - stunning. And that flower in her hair, yes, I would like one in black please!!! She looks amazing!!! Smart Mama, by the way, I concur, have them at your house, then you know whats going on!!!