Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's try this one more time!

Well if I have any readers still thank you so much for sticking with this neglected blog! I am going to give it one more college try and see how this blog thing turns out. I have been cranking out some good stuff so maybe just maybe I will stay with it! I have no good excuses for you all just that I always feel like I have nothing of importance to say and I hate my camera so my pictures are never just like I want them. So with that said it is Mother's Day this Sunday and if any of you watch The Middle it was classic and a great take off on what Mother's Day is really like at least in my house! My little ol' opinion on Mother's Day...LAME SAUCE! Let's all get together so that we Moms can cook and probably clean before hand to have family over. What??!! In my case let's make it to my BIL house in time to watch the Player's Championship! Ahhhhhh!!!! Whatever! I just want a really great gift and then I don't really mind if I cook on Mother's Day!

So in honor of Mother's Day I am showing a cute little banner I made for my mantle. I used our friends kit and a couple of other soft spoken for added embellishments.

Happy Mother's Day

See you all back here soon!


Summer Braxton said...

I'm still with ya girl! That's the beauty of google reader. It lets me know when you're back in action. I love MAMBI products, so you'll always have me to read your posts. The banner turned out great.

Rachel said...

That is adorable! Nice job!