Thursday, June 17, 2010

Honor thy Father

Is everyone as busy as I am??? The end of the school year always seems to be packed with activity after activity! Jaxon will be promoting from 6th grade next week. I can't believe we are done with Elementary School??!! When did that happen??? I think I am ready to be done and for him to be moving on. I don't know how some of you with more than two kids keep the excitement of elementary school going. Although you gotta just love those kindergartners! I mean they are just the best!
Father's day is around the corner and so I thought I would show a few cards I made for that occasion. I used mainly paper and very few embellishments. Only because I don't want to waste great embellishments on men who don't really appreciate the frou frou-ness of it all. Some do I am sure but none of my Dad's do. :0 Most of the paper is from our "Journey" line out now in Michael's and our newest Dad soft spoken and stickers. All at your local Michaels and LSS. I love love love the "Journey" line. The colors are fabulous. A little edgy and rustic. Not too much though. Go check out the whole line. It is what you see in the cards and more. Transperencies, a travel journal, soft spoke and tons more!
As you can see so very simple.

What are you doing to honor the men in your life?? Are they like my wonderful husband and want to sit in front of the t.v watching the U.S. Open? Do you BBQ? Or go out? Not sure what we are doing yet.
Still looking for a buffet or hutch or something on Craigs List to refinish. I seem to be just missing the boat on that. I don't want to spend a lot of cashola and I am thinking you have to look a lot during the day which I don't really have to the time. Something will come up and when it does I am ready with my spray paint.

Have a fantastic weekend spending time with your Dad's.
Ciao Bellas~


annie said...

Adorable cards!!! Missed you on Tuesday! Have fun this weekend!

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