Thursday, April 30, 2009

A sale and a Loss!

First the good news if you haven't already heard...MAMBI WAREHOUSE SALE!
When you ask?? May 15-16
Where? Mambi Headquarters
Time? 9-5 Friday 9-3 Saturday
There are going to be some GREAT prices and AWESOME products! Don't miss out!
Added Bonus... you will get to meet the wonderful people I get to work with.
Last time we had the warehouse sale we had a blast and tons of laughs. Should make for some great blog stories!
Now onto the loss story.
If you are not into baseball you can skip it. But really I am here to tell you I am one sick fan! Jaxon's team played great last night. We were down 2 and then up 3. Bottom of the 6th inning(that is all Little League plays) 2 outs. We got this right? WRONG! We walk the 11th, 12th, 1st batters in their lineup. That means bases loaded. Say it isn't so. We get the 2nd and 3rd batters out. Clean up hitter is up. We still need just one more out. My thought as my hands are sweating and I am pacing like a caged animal, what are the odds that he hits a grand slam?? Well we got to find out. Our pitcher fires one right down the pipe...SMACK! You just knew it was going out. It went to the other stinkin field! They win 6-5!
All you can do is applaud the other team and congratulate that young man for his hit! He will tell that story probably to his grand kids. I can just hear it, I was 12 years old playing for the Dodgers...
Whatever, it is only little league ball right?
You will not believe that it kept me up tossing and turning. Really! I really need to get a life! I still can't believe it! Our sad little boys were so bummed. I am pretty positive that they didn't lose sleep.
Tomorrow is another day and another game!
Tomorrow is also the big day.
If you live in the OC area or close to, I believe that there are still a couple of spots open. Should be a great weekend. Plenty of fun classes and great make and takes.
One always need time away and what better way to spend your time away from your family is with other scrapbookers and awesome teachers!
I am off for another day in the office. Things are a bustling around here.
Ciao Bellas~


susan said...

This is why I love you! I'm the same kind of baseball mom ;)